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  1. tazarbm

    Are Web 2.0 links still worth it?

    bingo! Web 2.0s don't have the same punch they used to, which is why most people (myself included) only do it for diversity purposes. In July I've built backlinks on 41 web 2.0s (the vast majority of these d0foll0w, too), but they haven't done anything. It's also true that the website that I've...
  2. tazarbm

    How soon after new website launch to build first link?

    I didn't say that. I would only wait for the pages to get indexed before building links to them, but that's more of a personal preference than anything. The reason I've built those links after several months is simply because I didn't care about that site in the beginning. I just put some...
  3. tazarbm

    Detailed Case Study - Lets learn how to rank for top positions

    love this type of posts. Good luck with the rankings :) (eagerly following)
  4. tazarbm

    Google December Update - Product Reviews Pages

    they've been doing this for at least 3-4 years that I can remember. But yeah, they are becoming predictable :)
  5. tazarbm

    Which indexer works the best?

    I don't know then, sorry
  6. tazarbm

    auto content post

    you mean autoblogging? Sure you can! There are many autoblogging plugins out there. I'm not sure how well they optimize the articles, though... probably that it depends on each plugin alone. And I also think there are some custom software / scripts (so, stuff outside of WP) that can scrape...
  7. tazarbm

    How to find competitor black hat links?

    if their PBN (assuming they have one) is hidden from crawlers you can't find them
  8. tazarbm

    Which indexer works the best? still seems to do the trick. But it might take 1 week or more
  9. tazarbm

    How soon after new website launch to build first link?

    I'd only build a handful of them if they're strong links (PBNs for example), but - like CleanElements said - social media signals are usually a good place to start. This being said, I did build foundation links for one of my websites as the first type of links (but after months of the site...
  10. tazarbm

    Can you get good visitors from Google if you don't create backlinks?

    it might still be possible. But you have to target really long tail keywords, and possibly keywords with 0 search volume, as well because keyword difficulty (especially in important niches) don't cut it anymore. 2 months ago I've created an article by the book (by all rules of SEO) on a...
  11. tazarbm

    Niche domain selection

    yeah, it's one of my hurdles, too. Just a week ago I had to buy a domain name and I had to fry my brains for 3 days to find out something half decent. I wanted a branded / brandable domain name since I've been focusing on such domains over the last few years, so I really had to think intensively...
  12. tazarbm

    Indexing links

    paid tools can barely index the links nowadays, free ones even less so. But if you find one, let me know :)
  13. tazarbm

    My website is ranking for the different keywords

    I agree with the previous poster: there's no fixed time. It can happen in the next 24 hours or after 1 year, google is too unpredictable lately. Best you can do is have the googlebot crawl your page all over again which, if you have a sitemap, should happen automatically anyway, and after that...
  14. tazarbm

    Is Blog comment nofollow + ******** links useful for long run ?

    only auto-approve comments are spam links. Manually created comments that offer value and which are made on authoritative pages (which only have few comments on them) are not spam
  15. tazarbm

    Free Form Filler Needed for doing backlinks manually.

    I mentioned LP because that's the one coming to mind, but there are probably password managers for every popular browser, just do a bit of searching around :)
  16. tazarbm

    Free Form Filler Needed for doing backlinks manually.

    I think LastPass (Firefox addon) is still free, but I wouldn't know cause I've stopped using it almost a decade ago. But password managers are what you're looking for.
  17. tazarbm

    Pbns vs manual link building?

    if a link is free and easy to get it's worthless most of the time. Google will make sure of this! This being said, who's stopping you from building free links? :) Just don't expect great results, like I said. It might get you a few long tail keywords moving a few positions up the SERPs, but...
  18. tazarbm

    what about word press?

    there's not much to learn about WP really... Just play with it until you get your site the way you like it. What you will spend more time on is trying out various themes and plugins, but even for that there's no need for a tutorial. Last but not least, we are not allowed to recommend other...
  19. tazarbm

    Google CSE, Anything better / Alternative?

    sounds like a job for Scrapebox. If there's any scraping / harvesting job that needs to be done Scrapebox can probably do it :)
  20. tazarbm

    About To flipp a website ! But ....

    1 - anywhere between 15x and 75x the monthly revenue (or more if you know how to price your assets well and can negotiate good deals for yourself), depending on many important factors such as: - niche (some niches simply pay more and better than others, which makes them very desirable) - type...