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  1. DeadJoe

    [Hiring] Content Writer - Long-term, Tech/Entertainment

    Native, or someone who can write like one. The niche is entertainment/tech. You need to be tech-savvy in general with an ability to understand technical topics. Experience writing buying guides and informational articles. You need to be good at research. I will also provide research, however...
  2. DeadJoe

    How are you guys doing with Ezoic?

    My blog is getting 30K users a month atm. I've been holding out until I hit 50K so I can apply for Mediavine but I feel like I am leaving money on the table. I applied for Ezoic and got approved right away, one of their sales people is bombarding me with emails. I have heard so many horror...
  3. DeadJoe

    Restored domain with thousands of pages, how do I undo this?

    I bought a domain 6 months ago which, in addition to blog content, also hosted a forum in the past. I did an archive restore and let it sit for about 6 months. It has thousands of pages and I am wondering how can I undo this lol? I want to build an affiliate site, keep all of the old useful...
  4. DeadJoe

    Anybody has experience buying a shelf LLC?

    I need an LLC that has been registered at least 2 years ago. I've found a few vendors that have a lot of inventory mostly in WY. I can purchase it but I want to make sure that it is clean, that there are no liabilities/fraud or any shady stuff in the past that I could possibly inherit with...
  5. DeadJoe

    help with Archive Restore Complete Site - READ FIRST

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to help with an archive restore. I know how to do this myself, but this time I'm looking to do something specific. is archived in 01 2020, 01 2019, 01 2018, 01 2017 website has 4 pages. home page - archived in 01 2020, 01 2019, 01 2018...
  6. DeadJoe

    Multiple Sites - Same Google account?

    Currently have one site performing really well that's built on a strong non-dropped domain. I just acquired another domain and looking to build out a second site. The question is, should I use the same google account for GSC and GA, or start out with a fresh account? Just wondering if there's a...
  7. DeadJoe

    Do you believe in Religion?

    It's never a good idea to talk about Religion or Politics. However, I like to question things that don't make sense in my head. I request you to please bear with me and try to follow my train of thought. The purpose of this post is not to offend anyone, I am just trying to start a dialogue and...
  8. DeadJoe

    Localizing "Site Stripe" not "API" Links

    Hey guys, So my website has about 20% traffic (UK + CA + AU), I am using site stripe links because the API doesn't work properly for some reason. If I sign up for the .ca, .uk and .au Associates Accounts, How can I localize my site stripe links? Would it be possible to do that without manually...
  9. DeadJoe

    My thoughts on Internal Linking and Bounce Rate

    I've been working on a site recently and while the average time on page and traffic have been growing consistently, I was facing an issue of a high bounce rate. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on what bounce rate actually is, but the gist of it is that a bounce is recorded when someone...
  10. DeadJoe

    Expired Domain: Organic Traffic History?

    Hey guys, I'm looking at a domain that I'm wanting to purchase for a money site. Everything checks out, archive, backlinks, anchors, hosting history etc.. The domain isn't spammy in the least bit. However, there's one thing that's holding me from pulling the trigger, and that is Organic Traffic...
  11. DeadJoe

    [Seeking Advice] Joint Venture Taxes and Income

    Hey guys, I'm setting up two affiliate sites with amazon being the primary source of income with two of my buddies. I am based in the US and my partners are in Pakistan and Australia. I'm going 50% with each of them on two separate sites: Site 1: 50% me and 50% partner 1 Site 2: 50% me and 50%...
  12. DeadJoe

    My observations of the Sandbox, Indexing and Rankings (using a non-dropped Domain)

    Premise I've been working on a new site, built on a strong non-dropped domain. The niche I am pursuing is closely related, it makes sense to include it in there however it is not what the actual website was in the past. The way I pivoted into the new niche was by first restoring the old...
  13. DeadJoe

    Most upgraddable older Laptop?

    Hey guys, this is for all of you laptop experts out there. I have never been one to invest in new machines, I usually buy older ThinkPads, ~ 5 - 8 years old, and I upgrade the RAM and if it has an HDD i'll change it to an SSD and I'll end up with a powerful system that I can use to run all sorts...
  14. DeadJoe

    Tracking Amazon Native Ad clicks

    Hello, I've started monetizing my 'how to'/info category articles with Amazon Native Ads. I was wondering if there was a way to track the number of clicks per ad? An easy way to do this is to create multiple tracking IDs inside the amazon associates platform. However, I am not sure if that is...
  15. DeadJoe

    Content is King? THIS is what they're talking about.

    I've been following this guy for a while now. I know it's not blog content, however, if anyone can do shit like this they don't need to manipulate any likes/followers/engagments/links or whatever. This is how it's done, period.
  16. DeadJoe

    Can your Table Plugin do this?

    Guys, I'm looking for a plugin that can do this, any recommendations please? Thanks! I want to have multiple tables, and this is how I want them to appear on my website:
  17. DeadJoe

    Ahrefs Web Master Tools - Be careful!

    Ahrefs recently launched the free version of their tool for webmasters, where you get a bunch of data but only for your own websites. While it may seem great at first, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you are using this tool, DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT link it to your GSC. When you...
  18. DeadJoe

    Wordpress Help: Tables with vertical scrolling

    Hello, I am trying to group articles in one of my categories into topics (manually) without actually creating sub-categories in WordPress. Basically what I am trying to do is create single column, but multiple row tables for each topic and place links to articles under topics so if I have 50...
  19. DeadJoe

    Ex-Spammer's Affiliate Journey to an Authority site

    Hey guys, back in the day I used to rank sites purely with GSA and other spammy shit. However, this was many years ago, once shit hit the fan, I called it a day especially since I had enrolled in grad school and had other plans. Fast forward five years and COVID hit, I got laid off and took a...
  20. DeadJoe

    Does wordpress automatically redirect HTTP to HTTPS?

    I installed an SSL certificate on my site and did NOT choose the option on my hosting where it says "Force all HTTP to HTTPS", but even then my website is being redirected to HTTPS. The issue I am having is with redirect chains. 1) Wordpress is automatically redirecting to HTTPS 2) I want to...