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  1. hideath

    Warning for the review copies "thieves"

    It's just a random idea that did come into my mind, i do not sell, neither have any problem with the case, but i do see many sellers complaining about users getting free review copies then leaving their review after a long time or not at all, some warning points to such behaviour can be really...
  2. hideath

    Looking for a CPA network with PHP/JS API

    Hey there, I'm not really into the CPA field, neither tried any in the past, I have a website that could be monetized with some CPA offers, Most (90%) of the website's visits come from mobile devices/users, The problem that I can't set content locking offers for each of the posts/pages...
  3. hideath

    Yes, it's damn hard to index these days! Anyone experienced this?

    So, I'm setting up a new website with a brand new domain, the domain has never been used neither it's linked from any domain or social profile or page (checked using both Wayback machine & ahrfes) i didn't add it to GSC since I'm still working with the onpage, today, I randomly checked for a...
  4. hideath

    Question regarding Amazon One Link

    Hey there, Just a question for those experienced with this, when do I set my amazon one link, will any user accessing from Germany as example be redirected to Using a VPN & chrome incognito mode, I had the exact same .com...
  5. hideath

    Adsense 1000% CPC today, anyone experienced this before?

    I don't really rely on AdSense that much, but I've got x10 more CPC than what I usually get, did anyone experience this before?
  6. hideath

    How to use Pinapfile API?

    Hey there, how can I use Pinapfile to assign their offers with my installers (250MB & 1GB softwares) Are there any actual documentation, videos? Also, are these rates actually correct for desktop traffic or do you get much less than the top-paying offers usually? I'm pretty new in PPI, so I...
  7. hideath

    Any possible way to earn from PPI with this method?

    Hey there, i have free pc software that is downloaded around 1k times a day (setup size around 250mb) I have no idea how PPI works and wanted to know if is there any way to monetize it, something like adding another software to the installation and get paid for each installation would really...
  8. hideath

    I'm blue baby!!! :D

    I've wanted always to test out Jr VIP, today and thanks to @Veil123, I got the opportunity to be :) Just wanted to start the thread to give a special thanks for the @Veil123 Members with such intent really make BHW that special!
  9. hideath

    Are sellers allowed to choose specific members for review copies?

    Just wanted to know, Let's say a seller stated to give X review copies for first X members with XXX posts or more. are they allowed to select which member(s) can review the BST from the list of the members posted (even if all meet the criteria/requirements)? Thanks in advance :)
  10. hideath

    The new Adsense taxes does not include websites' owners

    according the SEJ blog, it only includes the YouTube creators, i've mistaken that myself, so if anyone worrying, you can chill :) (for now at least :D) link:
  11. hideath

    What's the best link building option for a PBN?

    Hey there, when it comes to tier2 PBN links, i find myself at a hard situation to get the best results the cheapest way, for whom who had experience with all of these, what would be the best way to get your PBN ( with a free expired domain, just a few links), getting web 2.0 spun links built...
  12. hideath

    What the hell is this ad? :D

    This is kinda of sarcasm when i just noticed this ad in the the bhw banner :D:D:D just wanted to say that i love the idea, but the text is not that clear :D
  13. hideath

    For what reasons are you using RankerX these days?

    Well, I've been using this tool since a couple of days, and honestly can't see any useful (not worth at least) use outside the web 2.0 blogs for the tier 2 links, How are you guys using it and any good indexing success rate for links apart from these?
  14. hideath

    Speed-Links is working with the G indexing problem?

    Planning to make a subscription to index some links, did anyone try it in the last couple of days? is the index rate as usual? Thanks in advance!
  15. hideath

    PBNs with high word count, are they better?

    Does PBNs with a high word count, let's say 5-8k words make a better impact? Anyone had any experience with this? If yes, does they worth the time/work or money spent?
  16. hideath

    Blocking Adsense low CPC sites - Is it helpful?

    I woke up this morning watching a couple of videos about blocking low CPC websites to increase Adsense revenues, Did anyone try this before? How were the results? If yes, what's the best list I could use? If no, any other ways to improve CPC/RPM... I'm getting around $0.02 CPC and $0.2 RPM...
  17. hideath

    GSA Blast vs Cheap PBNs - What's better for parasites?

    I have little to no experience with parasites ranking, What's the best practice to rank a medium parasite for example? I'm talking about cheap GSA contextual blasts vs cheap PBN links, If you have ever tried both, what worked better?
  18. hideath

    Latest Stable Yoast SEO Premium plugin?

    I've seen too many facing different problems with the Yoast premium plugin lately, What's the latest stable version and safe to use? Thanks in advance!
  19. hideath

    Why d0follow term is censored in BHW?

    That sounds funny in fact, It's one of the main words for SEO and yet it's censored in the forums, Any specific reason?
  20. hideath

    How much time Google edu account last?

    I have an account that I've got since 3 years back in time, University administration said that it will last only 5 years in that time, but they say a lot of bullshit, Anyone has any idea about or how can i check it?