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  1. uncharted88

    How would you monetiZe a local review site?

    I have a local review site like where I have articles like "best chiropractor in city, best pest control in city" I have about 15 articles now. Thinking of ways to monetize it. The ppc for local keywords are high. Some are $20+.. 1. adsense is one avenue. 2. Maybe "write for us" or guest...
  2. uncharted88

    Brain storm help: Carpet cleaning YouTube channel

    Hey guys. I'm thinking about doing a carpet cleaning video channel. Some videos could be "oddly satisfying" and others are something like "how dirty is a clean looking carpet," and film the dirty waste water coming out the waste tank of my portable vacuum unit. Anyway, I'm thinking of ways...
  3. uncharted88

    Link building strategy question

    hey mad hatters. I have a blog with a branded name. There is no home page, just latest posts. Is it recommended to build naked url and brand name anchor back links to home page, and PBN LINKS with keyword rich anchors to the individual articles I am tryin to rank?
  4. uncharted88

    Silo structure question

    Is this considered silo structure? Home | Service #1. Service #2. Service #3 | Filler page | Filler page | Filler page | Filler page All my service pages and home pages are inner linked, but my filler pages are inner linked...
  5. uncharted88

    Content question for my local site

    so let’s say I have a carpet cleaning website. I have a home page with 1000+ written words and images. On the main menu I have about 10 different service pages for cleaning upholstery, rugs, pet odor removal, etc. I want to have a lot more content.. Can I just keep adding filler pages (won’t...
  6. uncharted88

    Google Adsense For local Blog

    I want to use local google adsense for my locally based blog. Who else do you think I could use to sprinkle ads around my content? I want it to be relevant to the content. For example- if i'm writing a restaurant review, do i really want amazon ads to pop up about the last thing the vewier...
  7. uncharted88

    Who has an EXPERT VA who does solid article spinning?

    I spent nearly 8 hours spinning an article to make it UNIQUE and readable. Not my favorite thing to do! Can some one refer me to some one who does it well?
  8. uncharted88

    Web 2.0 Question- Email Accounts?

    When making several Web 2.0 properties, do you need a different email account per web 2.0? I'm about to drip feed 200 web 2.0s and don't want to f#ck up all my hard work! Thanks
  9. uncharted88

    Is there a quick and free way to scrape images?

    Other than copy pasting the "free for use" google images URLS, is there a faster way to do this? Im not trying to do any copyright infringement and have my web 2.0 websites taken down. = )
  10. uncharted88

    Where do YOU buy your PBN domains?

    I've looked at PBN HQ, but I don't like how they blur out the domains.. so you don't really know what you're going to get. I bought one for $25 and it actually ended up having solid metrics. But the site itself isn't reliable. Anyone ever use Register Compass? Fresh Drop? expired dot net...
  11. uncharted88

    What YouTube view vendor have you used? Done with VAGEX

    I've used Vagex view exchange lately, and my videos have been stuck on the dreadful "301+" views for over a week now. Thankfully I'm still getting traffic... I see some vendors here who sell views and I wanted to ask yall who ya like! Anyone getting past the 301 views? No bans? Thanks...
  12. uncharted88

    I need PVA accounts that work with Facebook......!!

    I have purchased some Facebook accounts. In order for them to be legit, I need Phone verified accounts to go with them. I've tried PVA spot and they don't work. HAAAALP!:cow04:
  13. uncharted88

    So many SEO tools to rank Youtube videos... Which to use?

    I've been browsing this forum for a couple days on the subject of which SEO tool to use to rank Youtube videos.. I'm at a crossroads between GSA ranker and No Hands SEO. If I make a blogger page that links to my youtube video(s), will No hands seo be sufficient enough to rank? Would you...
  14. uncharted88

    YouTube paid advertising... Has anyone tried it?

    I was thinking about doing a paid Youtube campaign for the biz opp niche. Has anyone done this (any niche)? It looks like $10 a day gets you 500-1500 views. I have Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai for keyword research. I think if I play my cards right I could get some leads and hopefully...
  15. uncharted88

    I have a question about link building

    So this is my current set up- Within my main blog, I have set up a blog campaign. That's three related posts with three different keywords. From there I link out to article hubs, PDFS, youtube, and blo0gg3r. Within that Bl0gg3r, I have about 16 posts. Should I have each post linking to...
  16. uncharted88

    I'm at a fork in the road. I will have $300 to invest

    Hey all. First of all... Wow! I wish I found this forum before I paid $3,000 for the Morrison affiliate workshop. I'll make a post about that later. (Remember I'm a newbie!) So here's my question: I'm trying to promote my Empower blog. I haven't done well with PPC. I invested $50 in...