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  1. xpesos

    Google News Blogs for Sale - New and Established

    I have some old inventory of blogs and some new one's approved in Google News for sale For Updated List - Comment on this Thread Current available sites (More Sites to be added soon) For Website Links Comment on this Thread These websites are approved on "New" Google news Dashboard. For...
  2. xpesos

    [Site for Sale] German Celebrity Site $2.7K income last month with constant growth

    I am selling one of my best performing website, A German celebrity site with around 200K user visits per month, posting 5 - 10% growth every month Last Month October 2021 income = $2700 ($1300 from Adsense $1440 from another CPC network) Demand $42000 - By Escrow (open for offers) You will...
  3. xpesos

    Journey to $1k/Day using English and Non-English Content Blogs

    I am starting a journey to reach goal of $1k per day using SEO general niche blogs based upon low competition trending keywords (English and Non-English Blogs) I have been doing this manually and with VA's for a while with 14 active sites including 4 English sites and 10 Non-English; german...
  4. xpesos

    500+ Trending Products and 15+ Winning Products for Dropshipping - MuzTrends

    Start Free Today Get Special 35% life-time discount of pricing for BHW members, Reply in thread for coupon You are provided with 7 days money back guarantee For Contact email: [email protected] Skype: xpesos Support page link:
  5. xpesos

    Daily Trending Topics in every major Niche - DomTrens

    Get Fresh Trending Topics in more than 20 categories and 60+ Countries daily. 30 Days Refund Policy Contact: [email protected] Skype: xpesos FAQ Q: How many Trending Topics do you get in a day? A: You can get around 20000 to 40000 in one day. Q: Can I upgrade...
  6. xpesos

    Unbelievable 10 to 40% Increased Ad Revenue for your Websites - Anti-adblock Ads & New Ad units

    Special 20% Discount Available - Just reply in thread to get coupon Special Price for more than 5 websites, contact us first.
  7. xpesos

    [Free Samples] Low Competition Keywords - Any Country - Any Language

    10 Free Samples will be given daily - Reply in thread with "Niche - Country" to get sample Sample only include one day keywords, in our normal service you will get daily keywords for 30 days or 120 days, whichever package you choose. 10% Discount available - Reply in thread We require=...
  8. xpesos

    [Free Samples] Daily Viral Keywords including zero competition - 14 categories

    Free account Includes: DIY, Food and Movies categories (To get free account just reply in thread) Bronze account Includes: DIY, Travel, Movies, Humor, Food Gold Includes: Business & Money, DIY, Downloads, Food, Health and Fitness, Home and Garden, Humor, Localized, Miscellaneous, Movies and TV...
  9. xpesos

    120 Days Journey to 20k/Month using Pinterest

    I am going to do 120 days journey from $3.5K/month current revenue to $20k/Month revenue using Pinterest. At this moment I have an office space and two full time employees handling around 12 sites of different niches. I have around 10 more sites sitting idle, again of different niches including...
  10. xpesos

    How to Find low competition Topics

    No one should ever fail at finding good topics/niche after reading this. This is not some secret method, this might have been shared earlier, but I have not seen it nor I sharing this method from some guide, I just developed this technique over the time. But it is not some rocket science, a...
  11. xpesos

    Get invite to 120k Followers Pinterest Group Boards

    15% Discount for all Members (Reply in thread for coupon) 30% Discount for Jr. VIP Members (Reply in thread for coupon) Unlimited Review copies for Jr. VIP Members/MODs having 1000+ Posts (Reply in thread for coupon) List of Boards These board profiles are owned by me. Invites are sent from...
  12. xpesos

    Need someone to make Imacros Script

    I need someone to make a Imacros script that can pin from websites to pinterest Interested users can PM me, i have a instruction video which i will send you there Xpesos
  13. xpesos

    Easy $15 Job

    Someone help me find paid private proxy from Kansas Missouri must be in this series Just find a seller that can provide me any ip in this series from Kansas City and you'll get your $15 bonus straight to your PP
  14. xpesos

    Infolinks partnered with Google Adexchange Promising Better CPM's

    Just got an email from Infolinks They got partnership with Google, i am going to signup .. Who says no to more $$ Signup is on Google domain, so let's see how this goes Piece of advice, better hop in right now if you got email, these things do better in start to attract users
  15. xpesos

    Well established humor site getting 90000 Views/month for sale

    A well established PR2 humor site is for sale getting almost 100k Views/month website = buymelaughs You can view full stats of our site by watching this Video You will also get a well established pinterest profile along 90% Traffic is from 1st Tier...
  16. xpesos

    Got my rankings back as well as my traffic

    Well i dropped my traffic by 6 times as one of my main pages that was ranking for 100K exact searched keyword got literary removed from search engines while my other pages were still ranking I thought i would just settle on what i was getting right now, as some users said that you can do...
  17. xpesos

    My traffic dropped 6 times

    I was getting around 6k UV's daily [search engine traffic mostly from google] and suddenly my traffic dropped 6 times Now getting around 1k UV's daily i have checked if site is de-indexed, but it was not the case I waited for a while i thought i may regain my traffic but i think it will not...
  18. xpesos

    Chitika display ads showing adsense

    Recently chitika started display ads, so i changed my codes with new ones so they can show display ads on my site But strangely right after i have started seeing Adsense ads, i double checked the codes and they were chitika ones So this is becoming very interesting for me This particular site...
  19. xpesos

    Get invitation to HQ 200+ Pinterest Boards having more than 1 Million followers Collective

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 05/17/2014 ---- Now you can get invite to more than 200 pinterest group boards having followers from 100 to 30k Falling in following categories Food/recipes Travel SEO Gifts Architecture Interior/ Home decor nature Animals Gardening/flowers Technology Fashion photography...
  20. xpesos

    I think Hubpages is shaving me Big time

    Well Users using hubpages will know that Hubpages has adsense partnership system which is somewhere 60%-40% For almost 30K impression in last month August i got 4 clicks according to partnership system which would make total clicks almost 7 In the same period i got almost 40+ clicks on Amazon...