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    Blackhatworld, what music are you listening to for the weekend?

    Music is the food of the soul, and we all need to keep our souls together during marketing. I'm currently listening to Billie Eilish's Goldwing, what of you?
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    [JV] Your Coding Skills + My Marketing Skills

    I have an idea for a marketing tool that will be insanely useful for Google rankings but my coding skills (basic html and css) are not yet enough to create it. So here's the offer, if you partner with me on this, you will be responsible for building this website and I will market it. The...
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    Do you any insights on Netflix marketing?

    Do you any insights on Netflix marketing? What are the advert channels, the average cost and the the return on investment?
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    This is not gay, why drinking sperm increases your energy levels, clarity and good mood

    Semen is good for your mental and physical health, a study has found. Whether it enters the body orally or via unprotected sex, the “mood altering chemicals” contained within seminal fluid reduce depression, increase affection and help you sleep. The State University of New York study found...
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    Why I Deleted Disqus and Why You Should Too

    The Disqus commenting system platform was never one of my favourite website tools. Admittedly, I stuck with it because everyone else was using it and it looked to be the ‘way forward’. Ashamed to say I blindly followed the crowd but I guess I succumbed to the cult of new technology with a...
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    For Web Developers, What tech stacks is Opemweb Comment System using?

    Developers in the house, how can I create a comment system like Openweb which is linked to a social network?
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    CASTAMIR LESSON #8 - The Rule of 7 in Marketing (The Most Important Principle of Advertising)

    Without any iota of doubt, advertising is the soul of marketing. If after of years toiling and soiling, you came up with the best condom on earth but no D*ck or Harry has heard the information about this awesome tool of pleasure, then you won't make sales. So, you need people to know about...
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    If you or someone you know have gotten a computer science degree online, I will love to hear about it.

    If you or someone you know have gotten a computer science degree online, I will love to hear about it.
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    The Best Instagram Marketing Strategy of All Time

    Alright, that's enough internet for today.
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    Are there people that can pay $199/year for a 100% private social media.

    Privacy is a hot issue these days in Social media network management. And the main reason it is elusive is because of the money generated from ads, this makes the social media giants not to be much interested or better put "INCENTIVISED" to stop. They sell people's data to the highest bidder...
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    Link Juice is User Data

    The measure of how much power a web page confers to another web page is directly proportional to the usage data of the page. This explains why aged pages lead to ranking more than new ones. It also explains why popular websites rank better than others. Peace, Castamir
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    Are Licensed BlackHatWorld Events a Good Idea?

    I just thought of this, @Diamond Damien could issue licenses to BHW members to organize IM conferences in their locality with some guidelines and stuff. It could be called BHW xCon, a follow up for the main BHW Con which people who are able to travel can attend.
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    A Lovely African Food For Your Weekend

    Does it look delicious or yes?
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    What Features Will a Social Platform Powered by AI have?

    If a social media platforms is powered by an artificial intelligent system, what features will you expect to see?
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    What Makes Facebook Addictive?

    I have been watching the Facebook algorithm for a while now. And I am trying to find out what makes it very addictive?
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    Can I set up a remote desktop (RDP) on Namecheap VPS?

    I want to set up a remote desktop on Namecheap, is it possible?
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    Hello, This is Nigeria

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    What Are Your Stories of Giveaways That Yielded Huge Results?

    I'm looking to run a giveaway for my blog to attract more visitors. What are the stories you've heard or from your own experience of Giveaways that yielded huge results.
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    The Million Dollar Nigerian Scam

    Chukwudi Iwuchukwu wrote: In case you don't understand why the US government through the FBI is looking for our super cop, Abba Kyari, let me break it down in a way that you will understand so here we go: 1) Hushpuppi, his friend Kelly Chibuzor Vincent and their yahoo gang defrauded a Qatari...