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    International SEO - Best Practices

    That's what I'm leaning towards as well. This particular client has the main page redirect to and told them it's not a good idea for the reason you mentioned and others, such as too much dilution. Also, seems to me that having one sitemap per sub domain is much cleaner...
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    International SEO - Best Practices

    Looking for proven experience in language sites. Can you provide recommendations on which you feel is the best strategy and comment why? 1. Sub-Folder - and, etc. 2. Sub-Domain - and, etc. 3. ccTLD - and, etc. What...
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    REUPLOAD - 70$+ per day Porn Uploading system

    Please send PDF, thank you.
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    Best Rank Tracker with API Access

    Hello All. I'm new here and looking to really ramp up SEO efforts. Looking for the best rank tracker that ALSO has API availability that we can tie in to our in-house client portal. I see serpbook is a good contender...any others you can recommend?
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    [GET] Unlimited Google +1 -s! [NEVER ENDS]

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    [GET] Unlimited Google +1 -s! [NEVER ENDS]

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    Hello BHW!

    Just wanted to say Hi. I focus heavily on white hat digital marketing for large clients, and it just doesn't move the needle anymore. After watching some videos out there, really excited to start learning more in here. Hope to connect with many of you in the near future.