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  1. GringoMonkey

    [JV] My Media Buying Business, Your Private Offers

    I own a media buying business and am looking to jv with people who have weekly paying private offers. If this jv interests you please send me details of your offer and confirm the amount you pay and that you pay out weekly by paypal or wire transfer and in return i will take care of and fund...
  2. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your Store Building, My Traffic

    I am looking to JV with somebody who can build and manage B2C ecom stores. In return I will create the advertising campaigns and bring traffic. Feel free to get in touch if this JV interests you.
  3. GringoMonkey

    Code a phantom for me.

    Looking for somebody to create a phantom on for me. It is not a big job as can be based on an existing phantom. So not going to be a mega payday. Pm me if interested, i will explain the project in detail and you can quote.
  4. GringoMonkey

    [JV] You bring influencers, i bring them deals.

    I am looking at setting up a new influencer agency, with a bit of a twist, involving crypto. I know the exact influencers you should be targeting. It is just the scale means i need help contacting them. Your responsibilty will be bringing in influencers. I will set up the deals that make them...
  5. GringoMonkey

    [METHOD] How to get (SMMA) Social Media Marketing Agency Leads

    I know many people on BHW are looking to get leads for their Social Media Marketing Agency. Over the years I have owned many agencies and thought I would share with you how I got leads for my SMMA. These are the 3 simple steps I follow: STEP 1 – Search for all companies in your chosen city /...
  6. GringoMonkey

    make money by posting libelous comment about yourself

    Saw this news article: Basically: Australia media can be sued for social media comments So, now you can make money by posting libelous comment about yourself. Step 1: create anonymous fake fb accounts Step 2: post libleous comment about...
  7. GringoMonkey

    Jr VIP Renewal Issue that Closes Sales Threads!

    About 1 week in advance of my Jr Vip expiring I receive a reminder from @Diamond Damien which is fair enough. I raised a support ticket and was told I cannot actually renew it until after it expires. So there will be a period where I will not be a Jr Vip. But when Jr Vip expires all my sales...
  8. GringoMonkey

    Looking for programmer to integrate RSS (with images) into my website

    I am looking for a programmer who can create me some code that I can add to my site to automatically pull in RSS feeds of my choice, with images. Something like a cross between and but also pulls images. It would just be for my personal use, so, I do...
  9. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your B2C Email List, My Monetization

    Do you have a B2C email list that you feel could be better monetized? If so then perhaps I can help you? I prefer USA B2C lists. Split 50/50 on the profits my efforts bring. If this interests you please pm me with the details of your list and I will see if I can help you make more money with it.
  10. GringoMonkey

    (JV) My Money Making System, Your Automation

    I currently have a system that gets me pretty much unlimited email opt-ins. What i want to be able to do is instead of having the person opt-in to multiple lists, i provide the opt-in data and you also opt them into those multiple lists by automatically copying the data they enter into the...
  11. GringoMonkey

    My B2C Media Buying Funnel

    A number of people have asked me about this, so I thought I would share my media buying funnel for business to consumer products as most people don’t really know where they should start. Hopefully this post helps you understand that better for your B2C business. Pre-lander | V Landing page | V...
  12. GringoMonkey

    Anyone know how to download movies from doodstream?

    Hi, Anyone know how to download movies like this from doodstream? Thanks GM
  13. GringoMonkey

    The Biggest Mistake Made Building Local B2B Prospect Lists - Why Not Make Your Money the Easy Way?

    Over the years I have built and sold various B2B agencies and it all starts with the quality of your list of prospects NOT the volume. The biggest mistake people make is they just use 1 data source. For example they scrape Yellow Pages or Yelp or Linkedin and then mass email the results or...
  14. GringoMonkey

    (B2B) Get Verified Local Business Leads to Sell SEO, Web Design, Ad Management or Social Media Services

    Are you looking to sell SEO, Web Design, Ad Management or Social Media services to local businesses? Without the right data most likely you will fail! Use the exact same freshly scraped, customized business data system, I used to contact local businesses and build (then sell) my own Local...
  15. GringoMonkey

    [BETA TESTERS] Get B2B Lead Data

    I have noticed a lot of people looking for B2B lead data and it is quite messy to acquire useful data. Standard scraping methods, like google maps or yellow pages just gets you generic data, which is not really that useful. The manual methods are really complicated, time consuming and messy to...
  16. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your Product & My Sales Letter / Funnel

    Are you driving targeted traffic to your site but not making the sales you believe you should be? If you have a product that is not selling as well as you feel it should then chances are it is your sales page that is not converting. Team up with me on this JV and I will write your sales...
  17. GringoMonkey

    JV - You setup a new crypto token, i market

    Thanks for considering my jv. I am looking to jv with someone who can setup our own crypto token that I can then create the hype and market. We share profits 50 / 50. Let me know if your interested and we can discuss in more detail.
  18. GringoMonkey

    [METHOD] How You Can Get 80%+ Open Rates on B2C eMails Using Facebook Leads…

    So, you have your Facebook B2C email list, but how do you get your emails opened? The average B2C email open rate is 15%-25%. But there are tricks you can use to increase this. By following the approach below I can usually get 70%-80%+ open rates. Make sure your email list is opt-in...
  19. GringoMonkey

    Who are the best at SEO?

    Wanted to get everyone's opinion on who they think are the best members of BHW at SEO and who they believe provides the best services, keyword research, on-page, off-page, link building etc. Appreciate all your thoughts...
  20. GringoMonkey

    [JV] You Contact Consumer Businesses, I Monetize

    I am looking to JV with somebody who can target consumer businesses, such as stores etc, that run Facebook ads and mass contact them. Typically they have the FB pixel on their site. If you can do that, then I can monetize them. Send me a PM if this JV interests you.