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    my domains, your idea...

    I own some cool domains that I think could make something cool out of. I'm just too lazy so would like a partner to get an idea and lets build it. I do web and graphic design, so could help there too. I'm not sure if I should post the names here or say pm me for them, so pm me for them ...
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    want to make a social networking site

    joomla with community builder.
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    need some mysql help here

    ya, most scripts come with the sql file and you just need to upload it, if theres something else you need explain and i'll try to guide you through it.
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    Follow my 7 day autoblog flipping challenge live

    i like site flipping... iv never tried blog flipping so curious how this is gonna work out, been thinking of trying a bit of blog flipping tied into what i already do.... so, im watching :ranger:
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    Circuit City going out of Business?!?!

    yea, i wish they had liquidation prices up... went to there site and it was all press release info on it and no info on sales. I'll prob wait till next weekend to check things out- they'll prob be down a lot more than this weekends prices
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    Zen Cart or Os commerce? i need templates too

    oscommerce has many many more templates available... zen is cooler "straight out of the box" but oscommerce has a lot more addons and some very useful ones at that...zen is overall harder to modify and find resources for. if you wanted to get the easiest without as much work though I would...
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    I just found out I've been sleeping with my cousin for the last 2 years

    2nd cousin isn't all that bad. i would just keep it on the downlow...chances are no one will ever even know. or... just move the the US and to the south- then brag about it as much as you can and you'll be one of the coolest guys around.
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    Newbs...Find a partner!

    i wish i could partner up, dont have any relationships with anyone in the IM world really besides posting here...damn i need to work on my 'e-social' skills or something,haha. would help me out a lot with motivation/ideas/direction/etc... and overall be a good deal. so good post and idea-...
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    How much time do u spend on this forum

    my work computer is this is my roomies im on...and damn, im on way too much- got alot of info lined up for when i get my comp back to start working on though, need to re-arrange my scheduled plans a bit.
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    iTrader is now active!

    pretty nice idea, i just used it on a recent purchase and worked/looked cool- i'll also go back and add my negative on a scam i was on.
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    Who's Hanging Up There IM Boots In 2009?

    im the opposite and plan to start IM fulltime in 09 with big plans, its going to be nice being able to vacation and work from other places than home/workplace, have the money needed to do things like that, and not have to deal with a lame boss like iv always had.
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    my first autoblog PLEASE RATE :D

    some suggestions... the domain is kinda odd, related names will help you, if nothing else change /blog1 to /studentloans or something. id suggest putting the google search on the top search instead of the site search if possible...could generate more search traffic that way for you instead of...
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    Christmas Noob Giveaway #1

    i thought it was gtfokthx ...but, hes not a noob so not sure... haha. i could def use 10 for some domains though :)
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    Christmas Noob Giveaway #1

    good idea- merry xmas ;) i better edit and include my paypal so dont ruin your rules....if i even am the winner that is- lol [email protected]
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    Your SUCCESS with Auto-Blogs?!

    its all about the niche- how sought out after it is, and how saturated the market is ... no one can give you a estimated amount of traffic because its always differnt based on subject, content you have, how you promote etc. my advice- dont worry what other people get for traffic..try it out...
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    Find where your traffic comes from

    iv always just used google anaylstics ..or however you spell it, lol
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    Day1 - CPA + Squidoo

    squidoo is cool... used it for other types or promotion but not directly like this... def on my list to do.
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    Organize yourself

    I write stuff down all the time.... Sat/sunday is my relax day off the computer, but on sunday I sit down and brainstorm my week. I have a list of 'niches' I always add to- its a big list... I pick a few and build them into my schedule then highlight them off my list of niche ideas. my typical...
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    $100/Day... Get Started In 30 Minutes and 10 minutes/day

    6k with alot of competetion would be something i tend to stay away from... i go for more popular searched niche's. but, Wait it out- seems like you have taken the steps to be on your way to some traffic. could take some time for them to get indexed, etc.
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    Building a Blogging Biz

    stop worrying about whether or not its too competetive of a market or not and try it!...set some auto posters make a squido lense, put up a social bookmarks plugin, answer a few questions in yahoo answers with your backlink and move on to your next blog idea... spend 30 mins a day or less on the...