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    Google will push (yet another) product reviews update

    Raise your hand if you tried researching a product on Google, gave up, and then typed "[keyword] + reddit" to see actual opinions from users. Google seems to be aware of issues like these, and has started working on a future search update to address them. The update: In a blog post...
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    Wordpress robots noindex issue. Please help me!

    By ON, you mean it is not checked on. Try to deactivate plugins and check.
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    Wordpress robots noindex issue. Please help me!

    It is not GSC issue. Check reading settings of wordpress. You might have turned search engine visibility off.
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    YouTube plans to release a keyword research tool

    There are hundreds of ways to do keyword research for YouTube, but none of them are directly supported by YouTube. Well that’s about to change. YouTube has announced that it plans to release a "search insights" tool for creators. If you read more carefully, you'll realize this is a fancy name...
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    how to make more out of this site?

    He is getting $3 per 1000 views not per 100k views. Try other networks. Mediavine, adthrive etc. Can also try ezoic premium.
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    Google November 2021 Core Update: Winners, Losers & Analysis

    Google announced on November 17, 2021 that it would be launching the November Core Update, as it does several times per year. As with most core updates of the past several years, the only guidance Google provided webmasters was their 2019 article, “What Site Owners Should Know About Core...
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    top selling categories amazon

    Slow down man. You are just spamming forum with your random posts. Have you even read OP's post before posting.
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    Google: Machine Written Content May Be Okay For Ranking Soon One Day

    Google has talked about how machine written content is currently against Google's guidelines but some day might not be. We heard Google talk about this change in 2017, yes over four years ago, but still today, machine generated content is against Google's guidelines. But that may change soon...
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    I want to see rival site's most clicked article? Which seo tool can provide that ?

    Only your competitor can tell the exact article and full numbers.
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    9 things you might not know about Google Search Console data

    If you wrestle daily with Google Search Console, here are some facts you should be aware of shared by Andrew Charlton. Hopefully, they’ll shed some light on the data that Google Search Console shows you: The position of an URL in the SERP is only recorded when an impression is...
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    Goodbye SEO - Google’s MUM: Search Updates and SEO Implications

    You must have heard about MUM by now. It’s the technology that’ll help Google answer complex search queries and its rollout is marked for early 2022. If it works as intended, MUM will radically change the appearance of search results and also the way we use search in general. But the important...
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    Getting Slapped to Get Publicity - Genius PR

    When most people want to quit social media, they usually try to, you know, spend less time on it. This CEO tried an unconventional approach: He hired someone to slap him. Maneesh Sethi, the CEO of a company named Pavlok, went to Craigslist and hired a woman for $8 per hour. Her task was simple...
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    Google: auto-translated content not indexed

    In a recent Office Hours stream, Google’s John Mueller set out how translating content automatically, especially at scale, can lead to manual actions on behalf of Google’s Web Spam Team, such as de-indexing machine-translated (MT) content. He confirms translated content is not counted as...
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    Payment gateway for hotel booking

    What country are you from? There are well established payment processor in most countries. They will handle your request more professionally.
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    Google Ads Competition Settings - possible to see?

    You can not find that information. Stop looking for miracles.
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    I think google likes me

    It might be discover traffic. Just check on GSC.
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    How to clean old spammy domain

    I think @BassTrackerBoats had a recent post about it. He might provide some tips on this.
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    [FREE] Data on your Email Marketing Lists - Gender, Age, Nationality, Career, Pseudonymous

    How is this freebie? You are basically looking for free email list.
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    Development experts, WordPress or custom?

    For big sites, it is good to have it custom built. But that requires budget. So it is better idea to start with wordpress and real estate theme to traction. If your site grows, you can always move away from wordpress.