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  1. Mr. Burnham

    Which bot has the best UI?

    I tried many bots so far, I liked Followliker's interface the most. It was kinda intuitive. Is there anything as simple or even simpler than FL that is currently at a functional state?
  2. Mr. Burnham

    Is rebranding accounts a bad idea?

    I notice that there are some type of accounts that have way better follow-back ratio, for example "social justice warrior" accounts grow faster than "sexy girls" accounts. Now, I want to grow an account to 10k followers and then start getting followers with giveaways and contests But to reach...
  3. Mr. Burnham

    Is buying mass DMs a good idea to grow a quotes page?

    I want to grow it to 10k and I 'm considering mass DMing likers of relevant pages. Good idea or nah?
  4. Mr. Burnham

    Is there a way to automate reposting from Reddit to Instagram?

    I saw Aulig's service but he closed his thread. Is there a bot/service that can help with automating reposting from a specific subreddit to an IG account?
  5. Mr. Burnham

    Cloaker or news article prelander for blackhat ad?

    I want to promote a forex signals website AFAIK it's not allowed on Facebook Do I need to use a cloaker or a news article as a prelander?
  6. Mr. Burnham

    Can't change instagram name

    I get error "You can't change your name right now because you've changed it twice within 14 days" although it has been a month now... Any ideas what may be wrong?
  7. Mr. Burnham

    Make default search "recent" in marketplace

    Sometimes I look for a specific service in the marketplace and I want to use the search function to find it faster. But the majority of the results I get are from old and closed threads. I know that I can go to advanced search and select the section I want and set the search to show "recent"...
  8. Mr. Burnham

    How is socinator for reddit?

    Is it any good? I want to schedule reddit posts.
  9. Mr. Burnham

    Why did followliker team give up?

    They had an okay product, but after massplanner got a cease and desist order, followliker panicked, moved servers offshore (or at least that's what they said) and then they tried to ask old buyers to pay $6 a month. Then the buyers complained and after that, they allowed old clients to not pay...
  10. Mr. Burnham

    Tips for buying links?

    I am quite intimidated by trying to figure out which links I should buy. I can spend $300 a month for links but the options are so many and each seller seems to have a different logic behind pricing his links. I see some sellers selling links at sites with the same metrics at half the price...
  11. Mr. Burnham

    Any guidelines/tips on buying articles?

    I see a few sellers here sell content but they don't speak English that well and they do grammar mistakes. Is this a red flag? Or are these people just resellers having a network of good writers that do the actual job?
  12. Mr. Burnham

    Which BHW smm panel is most suitable for resellers?

    I am looking for a panel that 1) Doesn't disable services all the time without notice, that slows down the delivery of the orders. 2) Has support that understands English well enough and has actual control instead of forwarding refund requests to the owner etc. This is not a WTB thread. I am...
  13. Mr. Burnham

    Instagram Chrome Extension that Unfollows ONLY Unfollowers?

    There are a ton of free Instagram Chrome extensions that follow and unfollow with no problems but I haven't found one that unfollows ONLY unfollowers. Most of them have a whitelist option but they don't have a way to scrape a list of all the unfollowers. Any ways to build the list in another...
  14. Mr. Burnham

    IG bot that follows sponsored post accounts

    Is there an IG bot that follows sponsored post accounts from your feed?
  15. Mr. Burnham

    Do you still get crazy follow blocks on instagram?

    I stopped botting few months ago because it was very hard to avoid blocks. Is the issue still there?
  16. Mr. Burnham

    Is there a reddit bot/service/panel with affordable prices?

    I am looking for a way to send 200-300 upvotes a day that will stick and actually have a positive effect on the post ranking. I don't want to pay $70 for 200 upvotes. I would like to pay $70 for 700 upvotes. Do you know of any service/bot/panel that can offer that?
  17. Mr. Burnham

    Why are marketplace thread designs so colourful?

    I see this only on BHW. Some thread designs are so hard to look at, my eyes hurt just by trying to read a few lines. Is there a good reason for designs to be so colourful?
  18. Mr. Burnham

    Posts don't show up in tumblr tags

    Any idea why is that? It used to require just some warm up activity to get your account to a stage where tags show up. Now I can't get to do that. Do you have any tips?
  19. Mr. Burnham

    2 weeks follow block...

    Will I ever be able to follow any account?
  20. Mr. Burnham

    How long does it take for jarvee to scrape followers?

    I am trying to use the story viewer function, I put some sources and it is on "search in progress". How long does this take?