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    If covid vaccines' 'mrna technology has been used since the 90s' then why has it never been approved until this emergency usage now?

    Either you are from medical field or you are just blindly think Medical science is superior. Whatever it's who you are and how you think you are entitled to that and for me that doesn't make you crazy. Coming back to what I said earlier I never said that So called Non Medical shit (as you just...
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    If covid vaccines' 'mrna technology has been used since the 90s' then why has it never been approved until this emergency usage now?

    If you read and research more on this topic you will find throughout the world not only medical but there are other technologies that could have been a cure for the virus but no one wants to talk about it. Just because the worlds top countries and the pharma companies see their benefits. These...
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    $YUMMY coin is a scam

    Put your money in crypto only if can loose it. All mainstream coins are volatile you never know what happens next. All shitcoins are volatile scams
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    $YUMMY coin is a scam

    You were yummied.
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    I got 20$, But how can i use them?

    Good one I am going to do this maybe there are other things too I can resell from here.
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    why there is no cheap grammarly accounts?

    By cheap what price you want? You can get it online many places for 30-40 bucks
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    High Quality Vcc For Every Day Use

    @bara pistis I have sent you message on skype
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    First thing is get backup of all your sites
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    What the f*ck is going on here?

    That's bad really bad. Attacking someone with a knife is one thing and spreading fake positives about yourself is another thing. Yes both do harm someone but they are not the same
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    Finally my website is now showing up in Google <3

    Congrats I can understand your emotions been there myself..
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    100 powerful Haro links earned

    Just my suggestion guessing your niche is the same as your username you can partner with local bed, mattress, furniture shop for promotion.
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    ➡️ one of BHW's most loved ❤️ Keyword Research eBook ⚡ 30 Pages Bonus PDF worth $$

    Can I pay with ETH if so send me order details. Interested in purchasing this.
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    What is the main source of traffic for your site?

    My site is ranking for a lot of low volume keywords and most of the traffic is either organic or from Pinterest. It's an ecom store with female beauty products.
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    FB Groups - No replies to job posts

    How can you be sure it cannot be seen by others have you checked from another account?
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    What is the best options when you choose a domain name for your business?

    EMD or a catchy branded domain .com preferred will be the best choice here.
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    Speak English? Make $400/Hour for reading English

    Looks easy but it won't be that easy, the accent will play a big role here.
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    A single PHP file called "index.php" that generates $100,000+ per month

    It can't be just page I mean index.php is there but there are other pages too. Or maybe their whole traffic is on the homepage only
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    Wow thanks for this info it will be a great help.
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    [Method] Earn $1000 Daily or More [Guarantee]

    Wow that's misleading and fake title 1000 USD Guarantee. The method is promising and it has potential if done correctly. You should also post some valid proofs of your long term success with this metghod