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  1. YuvrajThapa

    Has Anyone Tried Ubersuggest Paid Plan?

    Hey friends, just curious to know how the Ubersuggest paid plan is as compared to other SEMRUSH and Ahrefs. Specially they also have lifetime plan. Has anyone tried their paid plan? And is it worth than other tools? I would like to know your opinions in it. Thanks!!!
  2. YuvrajThapa

    Microsoft Clarity - A free alternative to Hotjar - Free Heatmaps and session recordings

    Hey there friends, How many of you have used Microsoft clarity in your website? I hope many of you have or may not. Just few days earlier I have integrate it with one of my niche site and guess what it really shows you a website heatmaps and user behaviors in detail. It provides basic...
  3. YuvrajThapa

    Free Access to Jerry Banfield - Bundle for Nerds 2020

    The Jerry Banfield Bundle For Nerds 20 Courses for Nerds! Learn Skills from Hacking to Coding to Technical Marketing in 2020. I haven't checked every course by Jerry Banfield, but you can check out which you are most interested in. I hope this will help someone so thought to share it over...
  4. YuvrajThapa

    [FREE] Craig Campbell Additional SEO Courses [Affiliate Marketing + Black Hat SEO]

    Hey there friends, Craig Campbell has again come up with free additional courses to fellows who really want to learn SEO in-depth. I think this is one of the best courses for people who are looking for a proven method in SEO. Basically he announced these free courses just a moment earlier on...
  5. YuvrajThapa

    Claim a Free First Tier Press Release to Respond to COVID-19

    I don't know how effective this is, whether this is true or not, as I haven't gone through all the processes. By reading it seems they are trying to help small medium-sized businesses. Just share your thought after applying for this. I think this is really for serious business owners who are...
  6. YuvrajThapa

    [FREE] Frontend Masters Web Development Bootcamp

    This Bootcamp looks good for beginners so anybody looking for frontend web development Bootcamp check it out here: Hope you will like it as the curriculum looks good to me. Thanks!
  7. YuvrajThapa

    Pluralsight is giving away all of their 7,000 courses for free! No credit card required

    Yes, the title says it all. They are free for this whole April Month. Guys check it out and share your thought on how you feel about it. Thanks!
  8. YuvrajThapa

    Free 3 Premium Wordpress Themes by ThemeForest

    Hello Friends, This giveaway doesn't last for many days, It ends on April 02, so hurry up guys and grab your free themes from ThemeForest asap. Here is the link...
  9. YuvrajThapa

    Free SpyFu Basic Premium Plans for Two Months

    Hey there, Spyfu is giving away their basic premium plans for two months to those who are in need. Have a look at this blog of Spyfu below: Two months is kind of very short tenure, but it is free, so why not give it a try. All...
  10. YuvrajThapa

    Which Ad network to integrate with Amazon Affiliates?

    Hey there friends! I am just trying to integrate ad network in my sites which really does not break the rules of amazon. So which ad network should I go with other than adsense. I am thinking to integrate with amazon affiliate as well, what do you think? Please share your...
  11. YuvrajThapa

    [Giveaway] 1Password removing trial limits to help businesses work from home.

    COVID-19 Response - Removing trial limits to help businesses work securely from home 1Password manager is giving away their business plan for the period of 6 months due to COVID-19 outbreak in order to support people who are working from home. You can check below...
  12. YuvrajThapa

    How much safe it is to share our money site here on BHW?

    Hello there friends!!! I just had some curious thoughts about the topic recently. While checking for the backlinks I found that my site has indexed as a backlink for my money site. And It indexed the conversations I had with the sellers here which is a private conversation...
  13. YuvrajThapa

    Bitspyder Invitation Giveaway

    Hey there friends! I am having a total of 23 invitations on my Bitspyder account which has been sitting idle for lots of years. So thought to giveaway to those who post in this thread. Simply comment below to get your invitation. There are no criteria to qualify this giveaway. First come...
  14. YuvrajThapa

    Citation flow and Trust flow question

    Hello there! I have a few blogs which are almost more than 4-5 years old which I used to build backlink for money site. I see that some of my blogs have Citation flow to 0 and trust flow to 11. So I was wondering whether to keep this blog site or not. Does it really help out in backlinking or it...
  15. YuvrajThapa

    [GET] FREE Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Working Method!

    Hey there friends! I was trying to get free VCC for myself so that I can try a few services on the internet for a Trial period, And this method is what I stumbled on. Actually I got this method from another forum and it worked for me so I am trying to help those who struggle to get VCC for free...
  16. YuvrajThapa

    How to get city or local based search results on Google

    Just wondering around on the Internet I always thought about how do I get regional or local based search results from different countries. I used to use brightlocal search results options for that. But I got this really useful and effective way shared by mangotools which we can do from developer...
  17. YuvrajThapa

    How to do local keyword research which really converts

    I was wondering how you people do the local keyword research which is city-based. I mean what do you look for at first in order to develop good content for a local lead gen website. Is there anything different than other processes? Please let me know, as I am bit unsure about local keyword...
  18. YuvrajThapa

    How To Activate CCleaner Pro For Free

    I recently found this on other forums so thought to share it with you guys. It has worked for me and hope to same with you. so please find the information below: 1. Go to 2. Download and install free version (not pro). Once installed please do not...
  19. YuvrajThapa

    (Free VPN) Get One Year License By Okayfreedom VPN

    This is really not my content, I just found somewhere on Internet and thought to share with everyone here on BHW so that people can get free vpn to try. Go here Enter any E-mail in the textbox (It’s in German, just enter your e-mail) You’ll receive an e-mail from them, just confirm it. Solve...
  20. YuvrajThapa

    Making money as an Email Developer, is it true ???

    While searching lot on internet I came through and he says there are lots of email developer jobs available and a basic html/css skilled person can also do it and earn a good income through it. So I want to ask the same question here? Is it possible ? Just by basic html/css...