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  1. lorand

    Pinterest journey - Growing Accounts

    I start this journey to show you that's possible to grow pinterest account and motivate my ass to work more :) I have 3 accounts till now, i started in january ( i'm lazy, but...) 1. I made my own bot which i am improving constantly 2. I analyse and create sub-niche based boards for my...
  2. lorand

    Junk traffic - spam referral - problem ?

    I started to get a lot of junk traffic from fake referrals Should i get rid of them ? Will this affect my adsense account or something?
  3. lorand

    A little php coding help needed

    Can someone help my with a little php coding? I just want to verify if an entry exist (username) in database before uploading a photo, and redirect to a page if exist and upload if not. Thanks!
  4. lorand

    Legit domain on multiple instagram account

    I wanna try a twist on 50 instagram accounts. I would like to post the same domain (different link) on multiple instagram accounts. What should i do to not get banned?
  5. lorand

    How is this made?

    How is this made? I would like to try it on my fb page. When i click on watch more the page loads the video with website content unde it
  6. lorand

    Help needed - Bot to scrape tens of thousands of pins

    Hello! Is there someone who has a software to scrape tens of thousands of pins. I need to use them to repin with 1k of accounts! I will share my result with who will help me! Thanks!
  7. lorand

    Creating tumblr bot - Have some questions

    2 years a go I used to make some money with nsfw tumblr blogs but it took to much time to create, set up etc even with imacros so i let it go. Now i'we learned to make bots, so i 'm working on a bot to make all the task, ( set -> forget -> bank money ). All i know that a lot of things has...
  8. lorand

    Pinterest banning websites continuously

    Lately pinterest changed the algorithms, whenever I pin from a new domain even from the first pin. Although I have original content, but transferred from a previously banned website. You have encountered this problem? Any solution?
  9. lorand

    I wanna buy USA BIN VCC

    I'm interested to buy USA BIN VCC for Pinterest promoted pins. Anyone have an idea from where to buy it ? Thnaks!
  10. lorand

    Please clarify me something about twitter

    So, I wanna try something out on twitter the problem is that I never try to get visitor from it so i'm a n00b @ twitter. How important is the username vs. hashtag when I search something on twitter page? Let's day I wanna get visitor/followers who search "sex", would be my twitt's more visible...
  11. lorand

    Journey -> Authority site from giveaways

    I start this trend to see if i can rank on first page of google only with giveaways ( i think that is possible ). I have 4 month old domain with back links from some blog comment, a couple of wordpress blogs and 2 senuke blasts, this is just a side project. My mission is to search on forum for...
  12. lorand

    Question: Adult website which gives free videos

    I'm searching some adult website with affiliate program which gives free videos and images to promote them. I don't need full videos, promo videos will be fine, I just need free legal videos, I wanna try a new technique for adult website :) Thanks!
  13. lorand

    Scammed by FraCorp

    I ordered a bot for me ( $400) initial was $300 after i sent the last part of the money she/he did not sent me the bot, here is the last discution on skype (in the last days only i talked ) [3/21/2013 1:33:06 AM] BRADYCORP.: Hello kiraly [3/21/2013 1:33:17 AM] BRADYCORP.: how are you...
  14. lorand

    Need a pinterest pin adder bot

    I want a pinterest bot Here's what the bot have to do for ONE ACCOUNT: - Group the boars Let's say i have this boards: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5; i need to group them G1: B1, B3, B4.... G2: B1, B2, B5.... G3: B2, B5, B4.... and so on. - Have 2 list of pins ( L1, L2) in which i can add : img link, pin...
  15. lorand

    Second Pinterest Journey / Case study

    This is my second Thread about this. I will use the food and drinks niche using ad.sens to earn money I will use only one pinterest account to pin from the website/ no mass repin, like, comment or follow !!!! Goals Start date: Dec 02/2012 - Account will not get ghosted ( Can work whit it even...
  16. lorand

    [Journey] My Pinterest Journey

    I`m on the net from a long time, but every time the opportunity has passed by me. So i decided to try out Pinterest. I made my first account and a subdomain for my blog 2 weeks a go and until 3 day a go i made 5 account. End BAG!! Friday i wake up and I told to my, NOW is time to act so i bought...
  17. lorand

    I want an opinion

    I found a keyword with exact .com domain It's worth to buy the domain and start a website ? Do I have a chance to rank well ?
  18. lorand

    I have an Adword plan but with blank spots please help to fill`it up

    I have some online gaming website , i`ve made some test with $75 adwords coupons and the result was:1 site - 3 day campaign - $25 budget/day => revenue ~ 40 $/ site/day My place is to buy adwors coupons and make new account every 2-3 day ( I don`t have problem making now accounts :naughty: , I...
  19. lorand

    Need advice to move from a domain to another one

    I have a web site non-related with the content of the page & keywords ( second page in google for multiple keywords ) and I wanna buy a domain related to the keywords that i use. My question is how can i move on the new domain with not affect my backlinks and google adsense? can someone tell me...
  20. lorand

    Have an idea i need some help

    I know this idea is not new but why to not try`it out :p I wanna take a product (freebie) from one of my affiliate program and make a little comment post about it on forum/ blogs wherever i cand find a article or discussition about it , how I win the product , let say a phone and put the link...