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  1. classybabe

    how the heck is this site ranking and what are these links ?

    onhax [ dot ] net/idm Google internet download manager crack and this is the first result. I can see the backlinks in majestic but they don't make sense. Like look at this one whyte[dot]org/wp-theme.php?sale=cheap-Windows-8.1-Enterprise-Key (WHAT???) If you go to that url, it redirects to...
  2. classybabe

    [METHOD]Spam to Google Top 3 Rankings using Youtube

    So i have been seeing this quite often in my niche and it is pissing me off because its used to spam malware ridden survey crap. What better way for Google to fix this spam than outing this to public and everyone using it. It will get fixed in weeks if not days. This is what happened to the...
  3. classybabe

    Tiered linking question

    What tier is safe to blast with GSA links for a money site ?. Right now i am powering my tier 1 links with guest posts and other high quality links but this is very costly and i am thinking of blasting them with senuke/gsa etc. for link juice targeted at tier 2. I am wondering is tier 2 safe...