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  1. iulianh

    Facebook 50$ Coupon Giveaway

    I would like one if you are still giving! Thanks
  2. iulianh

    EXCLUSIVE $0.99 .com and .net domains coupon (Ends 30 November 2014 )

    The worst domain registrar ever, tried to register some domains never accomplished to do that, also the price over 1 year is huge and if you want to transfer the domain to other registrar you have to pay a lot to them. Worst customer support also!
  3. iulianh

    Where to get e-mail?

    I have been using Zoho Mail without a problem for the last couple of months, its free for 1 domains ( 10 email addresses ), check it out at
  4. iulianh

    [Journey] Pinterest + clickbank $100/day before heading to medical school

    Good luck with your journey, seems that you have a solid start. Looking forward to see your progress :)
  5. iulianh

    How To Make US$78M By Being Smart

    I thought this is illegal :) I have seen this marketing scheme in wall street movie :) Good for him.
  6. iulianh

    Media Buying Section on the Forum?

    Great idea. Looking forward to see it implemented :)
  7. iulianh

    Problem with Captcha Sniper

    insn't that captcha image from recaptcha ? If it is Captcha Sniper doesn't support recaptcha.
  8. iulianh

    Harlem shake your site.

    Now, this is really funny and its awesome :) Check it out
  9. iulianh

    PeerFly Launched Their Incentive Network

    Wow, yeah I have received the email earlier announcing this program. I applied, send every info and allready got accepted :D They have some nice offers too and they allow content locking so thats awesome :)
  10. iulianh

    Warning People for Cpanel Users MALWARE

    I think unmanaged linux VPS without CPanel is safer now :) Thanks for the heads up
  11. iulianh

    [METHOD] Simple SEO

    Great share and great method, I am def gonna do this for a new site that I just created and see how it goes :D Thanks
  12. iulianh

    TV Show Site Monetization

    CPA Lockers or PPD Lockers convert good with SEO traffic :)
  13. iulianh

    Which CPA Network Currently Works Best for TV Show / Movie Niche ?

    CashMyLinks also works great with movie sites
  14. iulianh

    Need idea to monetize nextpope domain

    Put two images of some popes lol and let users vote who should win, then redirect them to a cpa offer :)
  15. iulianh

    Custom redirect domain or url shortener?

    Buy cheap .info domains and redirect them to the affiliate link or create an landing page.
  16. iulianh

    First 3 sales in ONE DAY, 131.95$ !!

    Congrats! So how did you do it? Any tips you want to share?
  17. iulianh

    Celebrating 2000 Posts and Reminiscing

    Congrats Wiz for your 2k posts :) Keep them coming.
  18. iulianh

    What are the best sping,rewriting php api-s ?

    I know that TheBestSpinner offers an API that can be integrated into PHP or software :)
  19. iulianh

    Hell Yeah, Now Im Big Guy.

    Congrats on your 2k reputation dude! No go for the 10k mark because you deserve it! :)