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  1. thomeski

    I'm addicted to clicking banners lol

    I love seeing how other people are presenting their business here, how their homepages look like, different designs etc. I love it. Guys are really going hard out here. I actually learn a lot from them.
  2. thomeski

    Animated Signature + BST design

    I would like to create an animated signature banner plus a BST design including the content creation. Please contact me with market-rate prices if interested.
  3. thomeski

    Forminator PayPal issue

    I keep getting an error on the PayPal field on Forminator: Payment failed, please try again! This happened after I changed moved my website from one domain name to another. Don't know if that's the cause of it or not. What options do I have? Is it possible to maybe reset the settings?
  4. thomeski

    Domain name change

    I want to change my domain name of a new website from .co to .biz. I already bought the name but am wondering Is this something to request the hosting to do or is it something I need/can do myself? If so what's the easiest way to go about it? Relatively new to all this.
  5. thomeski

    Limited to 64MB upload, what to do?

    Hi, I've just designed a transcription website where the clients upload files at checkout. Problem is I'm getting a max upload of 64MB for media files which might limit my clients. I asked the hosting provider and they said that's the max for a shared plan. I can't afford a dedicated plan...
  6. thomeski

    Sending an order confirmation email on WP

    Is it possible to send an order confirmation email to the client after a successful order on WP Forminator?
  7. thomeski

    Looking for someone to make a Calculated Fields Form at checkout

    This is at the checkout page. It doesn't have to be Calculated Fields Form specifically, it can be any form (free form) as long as the client can fill in their details, upload a video/audio file then input the length of the file and get the total at the bottom then proceed to PayPal or BTC...
  8. thomeski

    Free cost calculator plugin?

    Hi, What form/plugin can I use that can do any of the following on my transcription website on checkout: 1. Client uploads audio/video and then they input the file length of the audio/video themselves then goes to checkout OR 2. Client uploads audio/video and then the plugin calculates length...
  9. thomeski

    Need help with keyword research etc

    Looking for a freelancer to help me perform the following on my new website at an affordable rate: 1. Site optimization: speed etc 2. Keyword research. 3. Check how my competitors are acquiring backlinks so that I can try to replicate or try to emulate 3. Find content opportunities.
  10. thomeski

    How to handle two affiliates on a single home page

    So I'm offering proxies and VPS on my website from two different affiliates. Both are supposed to connect to the affiliate backends. How do I configure it such that when you click on buy proxies it takes you to the proxy affiliate backend and when you click on buy VPS it takes you to the VPS...
  11. thomeski

    Astra not giving me Install and Activate options

    I have two websites installed on the same hosting service. I installed Astra on the first website and it works well but when I try to install it on the second site it shows up as "active." Not giving me an option to install and activate. What am I doing wrong or missing? I'm a beginner by the...
  12. thomeski

    Nameservers not updating

    I'm new to all this but: Been trying to point my domain nameserver from Godaddy to Viridweb host. First time I got an email from Godaddy after 24 hours indicating that the nameservers have been changed but they had not. Waited for three more days still didn't change. Tried switching it back to...
  13. thomeski

    Is there a cheap/free method for uploading media?

    I'm designing a transcription website as my first fully created site on Wordpress. I'm looking for a plugin that can allow a user to upload an audio/video file then pay according to length of the file. Either like on the video below or maybe a simpler system where they upload the video, manually...
  14. thomeski

    All domain names I come up with have already been taken.

    " Is already taken. We still might be able to get it for you." Then when I check the domain, the site can't be reached. What happens if I use the same name but use .co or something. Will I run into problems?
  15. thomeski

    Is this a hosting issue? Help.

    So, new Gmail users on my website are not receiving verification emails to their emails from my website. Users using Yahoo are receiving the verification emails just well. I'm using WP Mail SMPT to configure the email and hosting on Virid webhosting and my domain name is from When I...
  16. thomeski

    Webcam over VPS?

    Is it possible to use a webcam over a VPS? Tried enabling video capture devices on local resources settings but still nothing.
  17. thomeski

    Installing residential IP on VPS and getting sound from VPS

    1. Is it worth it getting a VPS then using a residential IP on it? 2. Is it possible to get sound from a VPS? Already enabled it of the Remote Desktop settings. Also tried going to devices and search online for update
  18. thomeski

    Can a sender tell recipient's PayPal country?

    Is it possible? Or are all PayPals "created" the same?
  19. thomeski

    Need to hire someone to help fix a Digital Ocean issue

    Having trouble with my DO. Please PM.
  20. thomeski

    Digital Ocean abuse. Can I come back from this?

    I failed to pay for DO and got this message. Can I recover or get a new account? Hi there, We're excited to have you as a customer of DigitalOcean and we would like to verify your account. Because your recent account activity is atypical, we’d like to better understand your product needs. To...