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  1. PandaBusters

    How do I spin images and put them on FB replies?

    Hi, I want to create a meme, taller than wide to fit on Facebook, then spin the color slightly so they cannot be blocked, post them on multiple entries and exits of new Facebook accounts with a robot on the reply section of any account, group, page, etc., that does not require inout for...
  2. PandaBusters

    I need a Facebook reply-to-comment meme bulk-poster

    I tried to use Scrapebox, GSA, and Money Robot for this service, no luck because of bad customer service. I will create tall, thin memes perfect for moblie/pc view in replies (Google doesn't give you back link credit for Facebook replies, which is good, as it is non-competitive with URL as...
  3. PandaBusters

    I want to create and randomize images (memes)

    Hello, I want to create images where I can easily bulk modify them into many images that are about the same, only a different color (subtle changes in red, green, blue) or if someone tries to block them based on md5 or checksum filters. I am willing to use Photoshop, Fireworks to create the...
  4. PandaBusters

    Backlink checker

    I have been using Money Robot for two weeks, with 2Captcha, the private proxies they provide, slowing down robot to register about 300 URL's every day, mostly Web 2.0, Social Media likes/shares, other blogs, social media profiles, etc. But when I look up my URL, by itself and in quotes, I never...
  5. PandaBusters

    Cannot capture URL's by descending 20 levels

    Hi, I have scrape box, and I am trying to scrape all the URL's by crawling 20 levels with the "Grab URL's by crawling" feature, down 20 levels. The problem is, it only grabs that which has the same root domain, not the other links or URL's. Is this a basic limitation in the software, or do I...
  6. PandaBusters

    I need multi-tier pyramid, for my ten sites, include yours

    Hello, I have multi-tier affiliate ad tracking software for my blogs on 10 websites. If you have one or more websites of your own, I can pay you to have you place anchor text on my 10 sites with affiliate URLs as blog comments, substituted with a slight spin on actual anchor text. No captcha...
  7. PandaBusters

    I need Scrapebox Guru to Post Form Mail Ads

    Hello, I have Scrapebox, but always get a very poor (almost zero) conversion rate for posting forms to form mail apps. I used wild cards for all 11 types of WordPress contact plugins (footprints), Trusted Private proxies, no spins needed, just name or first name with last name, subject, message...
  8. PandaBusters

    How do I upload 1,000 files from folder to directory

    I have 1,000 spun cvs to html articles in a sub-folder I want to upload to a bb/Buddy Press forum, as 25 replies to each topic or post, and create a linear list of 1,000 pages side by side. Is there a plugin for that, or how can I use scrapebox? How do I do this?
  9. PandaBusters

    Private Proxy Servers for E-mail

    How to you use private proxy servers to change IP address origin of e-mail? I am using Gmail and they are blocking everything over 50 messages. Thanks. Jim Wood
  10. PandaBusters

    Cannot scrape e-mail addresses with Srapebox

    Hi, I had success at one time, now nothing works, as I select keywords and footprints, extract many URL's successfully (but without proxies, Loopline said it's a bad idea to use proxies for URL harvesting), but produce no e-mail addresses on second harvesting or e-mail extraction, even with very...
  11. PandaBusters

    Black Hat Efficiency Index needed

    Black Hat Efficiency Index for Better, Less Competitive, Higher Return, Trending Keywords needed. Higher Yandex, fewer out-bound-links (the last two means more authority URL's with more do-follows likely), high demand (number of look-ups in 24 hour period), trending upward (linear regression...
  12. PandaBusters

    Universal Database of Minimum Posts with No-anchor-text

    Many blogs, forums, require a minimum number of posts (usually 15) before you can post anchor text/back links. It is good, therefore, to seek out these high Pagerank, do-follow sites, with the first post non-spam (manual post) and then spun articles pertain to keyword relevant news items, then...
  13. PandaBusters

    Cannot post forms in Scrapebox

    I am trying to post to 31k forms in Scrapebox, error log produces the following errors: 11/12/2017 3:54:48 PM: HTTP: 403 Forbidden, SOCKET: , URL: 11/12/2017 3:54:51 PM: HTTP: 200 OK, SOCKET: , URL...
  14. PandaBusters

    What is your average backlink mortality rate after 6 weeks?

    Google and other search engines give you credit (organic indexing) only after 6 weeks. After doing link checking, what is your average mortality rate, and how do you improve it?
  15. PandaBusters

    E-mail randomizer, free, to overcome Gmail, etc.

    Randomize everything, like "from" addresses, number of messages sent, delays, private proxies on your own WAMP Web/SMTP server, other. There is a golden opportunity to overcome major e-mail providers and their filters, as bulk e-mail (not spam, randomized with some personalized mail merge) has...
  16. PandaBusters

    Need a Scrapebox Tutor/Specialist

    Will pay $15/hour, up to 10 hours a week, plus pay per link for 6 week organic indexing period completion to be negotiated at time of original posting. I need Skype/Hangout/PCAnywhere help for how to use scrapebox to scrape good private proxy servers, and how and when to use them, spin...
  17. PandaBusters

    Scrapebox Expert + WP/PHP - $15/hr + Commission

    I need someone who is a Scrapebox expert, for form posting, multi-tier backlinks, some no-follow only solicitations for do-follow requests for my black-to-white-hat converting website, mostly do-and-no-follow ads placed using long tail keywords I provide for anchor-text/URL-only mixing and...
  18. PandaBusters

    Organic Indexing Success

    How often do you succeed (percentage of the time) with an indexed backlink after the 6 week deadline?
  19. PandaBusters

    Making the scraped block-proof...

    Does Google Trends/Facebook, etc., see viewers coming in as "robots" and not humans and block you because of your browser? Scrapebox, WP Scraper, etc., use improvised browsers with what I know now, and GT/FB are probably 1. Blocking code it sees in your browser 2. You time-out because the pages...
  20. PandaBusters

    I need to scrape Google Trends, need scrape/security expert...

    I use WP Scraper, and I will soon use Scrapebox. I got the following message from the WP Scraper owner: Hey Jim, I tried every way I could think of.... but I could not scrape google trends. I was able to scrape pandabusters. All I had to do was check load javascripts option on the top right...