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  1. Emilzeta

    Need Youtube views

    Hello, I need 100.000 views delivered to a video! Hit me up on skype or here if you got something! Lets talk! Skype: Rumpx98
  2. Emilzeta

    Earn $1000-10000/per month with Super Easy To Rank ILLUMINATI KEYWORDS ~ FREE Samples!

    Made a purchase 9 days ago, still haven't recieved what I paid for! This far, I do not recommend this service!
  3. Emilzeta

    keyword research freelancer

    Hello, Looking for someone who could provide me with larger amount of adsense keywords during a period of time. Hit me up if interested!
  4. Emilzeta

    Fill your Adsense Coffer in 2017 with Micro Niche Websites - Updated SEO Guide!

    Just made an order ****37026U898054X
  5. Emilzeta

    Are you making a $100,000 a month?

    This shiet is establishing quickly
  6. Emilzeta - SMM Panel With HQ Services - Facebook, Instagram,Youtube,Twitter

    I just made my first order after receving the free 15$ balance, trying out youtube views, Will leave review soon!
  7. Emilzeta

    What Should I Use Instead of Google Analytics!

    I agree with above, Clicky is a really good alternative!
  8. Emilzeta

    Need fiverr reviews

    Still neeeeeeddddd
  9. Emilzeta

    i will buy fiverr reviews or exchange it

    I'll do one for ya!
  10. Emilzeta

    Need fiverr reviews

    in need of a few more! Can do exchange as well if two accounts exists!
  11. Emilzeta

    What phone???

    I just ordered the iPhone 8 plus, I feel like such a bitch.
  12. Emilzeta

    What phone???

    Is it? Every Damn review says different shiet! And personally I cant tell by just looking at certain camera specs! I can go for anything really, I dont want plus size though, just personal reasons.
  13. Emilzeta

    What phone???

    So I am in the matter of getting myself a new phone! I am interested in the Google pixel 2, but sadly it can't be sold in my country, so yeaaah, that is out of the question. But please, any tips and thoughts? I do travel a lot and go on a lot of adventures so a good camera is a big plus...
  14. Emilzeta

    Terrible Imagery Outstanding Real Life Evening

    Maybe go for the new Google phone, Pixel 2, I've heard the camera are suppose to be something!
  15. Emilzeta

    Need fiverr reviews

    Still need, but only doing it through skype so add me there, DO NOT PM me! Skype: rumpx98 I'll send 8$ dollars, not more.
  16. Emilzeta

    Need fiverr reviews

    Hit me up on skype if your'e still willing to help me out! Rumpx98
  17. Emilzeta

    Need fiverr reviews

    In need of a few fiverr reviews, I'll send you 8$ for doing it! Only want accounts that are aged well and perhaps has a higher level! PM me!