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    Ola from sunny Portugal!

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    [Adsense] Why did you got ban?

    Don't try to recruit some guru! Don't let someone else manage anything on your account. Don't even think of using some kind of "IP hider" just to have a quick look on your pages. Don't buy any domain that is or was supposedly a Gold Mine. Just my 2 cents (talking from bad self experiences)...
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    Best country for tax? [EU prefered]

    Take it from a Portuguese, don't come to Portugal, we seem to don't have a lot in regards of Tax but they are all hidden fees. You pay for everything and then some. I advise Denmark, they may have a higher tax rate but they were considered one of the best places in the world to live on (I've...
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    Low Risk, Big Potential - Upcoming Opportunity

    Twitter will make money to the early birds there's no doubt about it, but in my opinion it will be like Facebook, where there's no margin to grow that fast so it crashed. As you explained OP they picked up, but don't forget it's all related to what they have bought from other companies...
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    WORLDWIDE Godaddy $0.99 .com

    29% OFF, new Purchases only: Code: gd3926m Hope it helps :) Cheers
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    Getting Paid - "Percentage of Deal?"

    Just my 2 cents in it: It's all about the network you create for yourself, meaning, if you can do it with companies that are trustworthy and can keep their word (cause most of the time there wouldn't even be a written agreement) you can be fine. Example from my background experience: I've...
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    Would this be possible in WordPress?

    The t-shirt business isn't easy but it is a fun and profitable business if you can run it well. I didn't went for it cause it's needed some initial capital to invest, which i don't have at the moment so i was setting myself to failure for sure, but i'll do it as soon as i can afford it. As for...
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    Would this be possible in WordPress?

    Sure, no problem. If i needed some help i'd appreciate someone would tell me what to think. You've already figured out something that works for you and that's which is hard to to for most of us so congrats on that! As for the plan it seems to me like a good one, give it a deadline and stick to...
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    Would this be possible in WordPress?

    Seems like you have a good thing going on, why do you want to expand to other Sports? Maybe you don't have a crowd willing to know about other sports other then NBA itself, don't consider it as advice cause i'm not in your shoes, but think about it... You already know what it takes to make it...
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    Would this be possible in WordPress?

    I guess i may not be the most knowledged guy to talk about it but it IS possible. I think at least one way to do this is to use sub-domains (based on the example you mentioned). As for the database (i'm guessing that you're asking cause you already use one, and at a wild guess i'd say it's PHP)...
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    Meeting my first seo client tomorrow

    Since you asked for our help there's 2 things needed here: 1. Have you considered any of our advise? 2. How did it go with the client? Have you closed it or what? Cheers
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    [Giveaway] Scraping Service (Lead providing)

    PM already sent. For those who might be interested in some leads there are still spots available. First few orders are already completed, hope everyone "ordering" are enjoying them. Thanks, Cheers
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    [Giveaway] Scraping Service (Lead providing)

    PM'ed. Since this isn't the first time someone ask, i'll explain again. This service can only provide scraping for a single location, unfortunately i can't do the entire Country, so when "ordering" please choose one specific place. Thanks Cheers
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    [Giveaway] Scraping Service (Lead providing)

    Yes if they are listed
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    [Giveaway] Scraping Service (Lead providing)

    PM'ed (Now that i can :D) As for the question, yes, i'm still doing this and there's still available positions for anyone that might be interested. Cheers, hope you're having a great Black Hat day ahahah
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    Is selling multiple ebooks on your site a good idea?

    In my opinion there's no right or wrong questions to what you asked. As you may have noticed (even in methods provided here) it's all about testing and see what you can get out of it. If you can't make a decision and that's what's making you not go for it and taking action think about you'r...
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    I mean, what the ffff.....

    Just wanted to leave my 2 cents here to say that i totally get you're pissed about it, but working for someone else is really like that. I've worked for a big investment bank in my country and they didn't paid ANY overtime, even if you were there hours before you've finished the day PLUS on top...
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    How to make $5-$10 a day autopilot (SPOONFED) PERFECT FOR NEWBIES

    I'm a noob and this is a method that could work for me and maybe even a bunch of other users, but you'r really not taking care of the community and you don't even care about it. First you post a thread making questions about Content Lock, then another one mentioning you were going to start a...
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    [Giveaway] Scraping Service (Lead providing)

    Hey guys, this is a friendly bump for those who might have missed this wen I've posted it yesterday and also to let you know that there are still available "spots". (All of them in fact lol, don't know if you guys don't need leads anymore but if that's the case let me know and i'll make...
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    just registered some trademark names

    I agree on the use of the good name of other companies, but that's being an Affiliate, most of the companies members promote by doing IM are legitimate and you need to sign up with them. But hey who am i to tell you what you should or shouldn't do? if you've already got a game-plan go for it...