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  1. tacitinc

    Value of aged Level 2 Seller Fiverr Account?

    Hey guys - was just curious as to what an aged Level 2 Seller Fiverr account would be worth to an end user wanting to purchase the account to use to sell their services these days? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!
  2. tacitinc

    Best way to cloak the final destination of a URL from a link in an email?

    Can anyone suggest the best way to cloak the final destination of a URL from a link in an email? I am noticing my ability to inbox content greatly depends on the final destination of the url. Simply masking the link has little or no effect. So obviously gmail, aol etc follow all the link hops...
  3. tacitinc

    PR4 Facebook Groups... Worth anything??

    Ive got a few smaller, but niche specific, fb groups sitting at PR4 - each one has around 20k likes... I am not doing jack with these things, is it worth it to sell? or Should I use these to monetize?? Thoughts...
  4. tacitinc

    WTF is a Dogecoin?

    At first glance I thought this was another fly by night crypto (holla @ kanyecoins fail) but after doing a little digging there is some actual juice about these guys growing as well. They are in their early stages it looks like, prices are still low, but does anyone have any real info on them...
  5. tacitinc

    WTF is a Dogecoin?

  6. tacitinc

    LOL PICS to use in forum sigs and other IM needs

    Post the best pics you have here :) (creative commons only pls)
  7. tacitinc

    1 of my Pinterest accounts just hit PR3 - How??

    I just dont get it. The account i use the most often is PR2 - /tacitinc/ This account - /clipper4pres/ somehow has topped it at PR3 ... can anyone explain this to me because I am lost at trying to figure it out at this point :P Thanks in advance
  8. tacitinc

    Need your personal appraisal of

    Please let me know your personal thoughts on the value of I want to get a general consensus from a few different ppl before i post it for sale. thanks in advance.
  9. tacitinc

    Best *free* sites to list domains/websites for sale or auction

    I am looking to sell about 18 domains. I am looking for sites which are similar to flippa & sedo which i currently have them listed. Just want to blanket as many as i can but figured I would ask for the gem's rather than sift through all the bullshit out there Thanks in advance
  10. tacitinc

    Affiliate Marketing Has never been made so easy *SIMPLE GUIDE NOOBS*

    I figured I would make this small contribution for those who are just starting out, looking for some basic advice. Affiliate Marketing Has Never Been so Simple: Follow These Suggestions from Jon @ CPA INFINITY (tacitinc on BHW) Affiliate marketing can be an important part of your online...
  11. tacitinc

    Need a little Java help w/ content locking system

    If someone has time, please PM me because I want to discuss a line of code that i'm having trouble figuring out what to do with. It involves java/content locking for a niche gaming site.
  12. tacitinc

    best site to buy domains from

    i didnt see a thread exactly pertaining to this in the first page so forgive me if this is already a thread somewhere down the line... however , in your opinion what is the best domain broker out there? ive had some shitty times in the past with go daddy, any other good ones out there...