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  1. exodian1

    Adsense Ads Not Showing On My Website

    So my adsense account was limited about a month ago for "invalid traffic". I changed my ad codes to in the meantime and the ban lifted yesterday. However, I put back on the adsense codes and the ads are not loading or showing up and I'm not earning anything. Anybody have any idea why...
  2. exodian1

    Adsense Account Limited- What Now?

    So today my Adsense account was limited seemingly out of nowhere for no reason. I've been using Adsense and promoting my site heavily for the past 3 weeks without any problems and now I have no idea what to do. Are there any alternatives that I could use in the meantime? I've tried but...
  3. exodian1

    My OGAds Conversions - Is this Normal?

    So I've been promoting OgAds on a movie/tv show streaming website. My current statistics for last month and this month have been 431 impressions, 257 clicks, and 10 conversions. My CVR% is only 4.25%. Is this normal for conversion rate to be this low or should I switch to a different incentive...
  4. exodian1

    Should I Build Backlinks to my Home Page?

    Hey guys, So I have a jobs board website that I am trying to rank in Google. I was wondering if I should build backlinks directly to my homepage which essentially is just the jobs board with no article content, or should I create an "introduction" page where I write an article with keywords and...
  5. exodian1

    Best Content Locking CPA Networks?

    Hey guys so I'm about to start promoting via CPA lockers and wanted to know the best networks for desktop vs mobile traffic. I have approvals from CPAgrip, CPAlead, and OGads. I also just applied to CPAbuild. Any others I should know about? Which out of these is best for mobile vs desktop?
  6. exodian1

    Cleanfiles Website Verification

    So I tried to apply with Cleanfiles but I only have a blogger blog so I couldn't do the website verification. I was wondering if somebody could help me out with this? Anybody have a site that could help me?
  7. exodian1

    CPA and SEO

    Hey guys, So I'm really thinking about delving into CPA and SEO, however I'm not exactly sure about how to go about promoting them. I really have no idea how to promote email/zip submits. I was thinking of making a "free ipad" kind of site but its already extremely saturated. I was also...
  8. exodian1

    Need Some Opinions

    Hey guys, So I'm thinking of starting a website promoting a few trial offers. I'm thinking of making a review page. Anyways, I think I found a nice keyword but I'm not sure if I'll be able to rank. The keyword has about 500,000 hits w/o quotes and with quotes has 130,000. Also, out of all the...
  9. exodian1

    Content Locker Help

    Hey guys, I created a content locker using Pyronaut's guide: It's working great, but now I want to start using it on my movie site. However I have two issues. First, the locker blocks...
  10. exodian1

    Movie Sites

    Hey guys, I've been out of the IM business for a few months. Before, I made some decent cash from ************** with the whole movie site thing, but then I got banned. I recently joined Leadbolt, and noticed that they do allow movie sites. I'm thinking about starting the whole movie business...
  11. exodian1


    Hi, I'm quite new to CPA offers(did a little CPA*LEAD and just got accepted into Adscend Media). I've read up quite a bit on iframes, but a lot of the information is quite outdated. I also recently saw a bunch of posts popping up saying iframing will get you banned. So is it safe to iframe...
  12. exodian1

    Need Help With iFrame

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about iframing a cpa offer but I heard it's unsafe to use nowadays. Some people were talking about getting the iframe using cakeslice and combining it with cpa redirector 2 to fake the referrer. Can anyone tell me exactly how to do this since I am quite lost on how...
  13. exodian1


    Hey guys, I'm applying to Neverblue some time soon(maybe today) and I'm wondering what exactly I should write in the website area if I don't have a website. Also, in the interview, which methods should I say that I use to drive traffic to them? Finally, should I call them up right after I send...
  14. exodian1

    Applying to CPA Networks

    Hey guys, Sorry for the double threads, but I need to ask this question. I'm thinking about applying to some major CPA networks that are supposed to be easy to get into(Neverblue). I was wondering, since I'm 16, if I put my actual birth date, would I be accepted into the network? Or would I...
  15. exodian1


    Hey guys, I'm thinking of applying to Peerfly because I heard they are quite easy to get into and don't call you. I heard that after a few days of your account life, they ask you to send a copy of your ID to them. I'm wondering if this is true or not?