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  1. mozw

    How many of you are still using myspace ?

    is it worth using now a days ?
  2. mozw

    How to find old timers ?

    Well I am promoting few products for people aged 50-60 in us. So far running fb campaign is not getting much leads. Any idea where I can find them ? is there any forums and such where they visit ? or anybody sells their data here ? help needed pls.
  3. mozw

    Hide a Wordpress Site

    Recently we have been working towards hiding all the markers in a website that will show a website is made in wordpress. So far the frontend and admin part is showing promise but when the site is being scanned through wpdoctor or similar website, it is being detected as wordpress. Anybody else...
  4. mozw

    Anybody good with Facebook Campiagns here ?

    So i was planning to run Facebook campaigns for getting clients on Website Development. But was wondering what targeting I should do to pinpoint them, Anybody can shed some light here pls ?
  5. mozw

    Back to BHW Again

    Hi all, how are you guys doing ? I was using BHW before, from 2012 to 2015, then got engaged in my offline store and didnt get much time. Recently I had to sell everything due to this pandemic, couldnt sustain that anymore. So back to bhw again.