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  1. apex1

    Syndicating Full Articles From Sites I Don't Own

    Can I syndicate FULL articles from authority sites and post them on my web 2.0s? (I'll give attribution and link to the original article at the bottom) I'm not asking if this is good for my web 2.0s SEO wise (I'll test that for myself). What I want to know is will webmasters generally not like...
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    What Service You Guys Using To Make Quality PVAs

    I need to verify twitter and outlook accounts but they aren't accepting VOIP numbers. What service you guys using nowadays to verify accounts?
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    Paid Video Host That's Ok With Violent Content

    I want to make a video site full of fight videos. Some of them will be graphic, or have brutal KOs. I'm wondering what platform I could upload those to.. I asked vimeo and they claimed it "promotes violence" so they don't allow it. Any ideas?
  4. apex1

    Whats A Good (Paid) Video Host?

    Say I want to make a website similar to youtube (just a 100% pure video content), what's a good service I can use to host the videos? I don't want to keep them on my own server.
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    What's the profit like on a site with pure video content?

    I want to build a video site similar to youtube but only I can upload and it's very niche oriented (it's a profitable niche), I'm curious how easy it is to make a site like that profitable, especially considering the costs of delivering the video content. Anyone here have experience building a...
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    LF Partner To Run Working Method

    I'm looking for a partner to run a method. I'm ready to start, all that's left is the daily promotional work. It's boring, it's repetitive, but it makes money consistently. This is a semi-old project I'm refreshing and going full force into. I know the site converts, and we're both going to be...
  7. apex1

    What's Buzz Bundle Like in 2018?

    I bought it when it first came out and God it was a piece of crap software. Slow, buggy, and frustrating to use. I'd like to try it again (I assume they probably improved it) but I have to pay to update... Anyone have it? Is it better now? Still crap?
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    [GET] FREE, Python Multithreaded Scraper Template (FAST!)

    My scraper template is finally done.. and it's an absolute beast. ALEXA RANK SCRAPER: Takes a list of URLs Uses multiprocessing to iterate through the list and create a process pool Checks server status Scrapes Alexa Rank Error handling Requests timeout Saves output to csv Outputs time it...
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    [Python] Multiprocessing - 'Manager' Not Working

    I'm trying to have a basic counter in the 'test' function that increments for each iteration (list1 item). I can't get it to work, been trying for hours. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? from multiprocessing import Pool, Manager def test(current_item, counter): counter = counter + 1...
  10. apex1

    [Python] Need Multiprocessing God To Help Me (Advice, Template, Code, anything)

    Multiprocessing is kicking my ass :mad::mad::mad: I've read over 30 tutorials and watched countless videos and still can't write my own custom multi-threaded script in the way I need. I'm on my 3rd day of doing nothing but trying to figure this out lol. Here's the issue.. I have a script...
  11. apex1

    Anyone Use Public Proxies In Their Bots?

    Does anyone use public proxies in their custom made bots? Example scraped from Scrapebox list. If not do you guys know of a good, reliable source of shared proxies for $0.50 or less? I tried but they didn't work well and ended up having to get a refund.
  12. apex1

    Is it ok to upload news clips to youtube?

    I want to upload some 1-2 minute clips from various news networks.. is that safe to do? Does it fall under fair use? Are longer clips ok as well? Can I try to direct people to my website from the videos? Can I add a 2-3 second intro to the clip with a CTA to my website etc? Any advice is very...
  13. apex1

    [Python] Basic Question about Threading

    threads = [] for i in range(5): t = threading.Thread(target=worker, args=(i,)) threads.append(t) t.start() Does this code only generate the threads, or does it also automatically assign them to the project as well? "target=worker" is linking to my 'worker' function
  14. apex1

    How Can I Make User Input A Simple Variable?

    I'm making a GUI using PyQt5... Lets say I have 2 input boxes in my GUI.. this code will copy the text user inputs from box 1 to box 2.. self.lineEdit.textChanged['QString'].connect(self.lineEdit_2.setText) That works perfectly. But lets say instead of wanting that text copied into...
  15. apex1

    [Python] Problem Scanning Number of Images in Folder

    Hey guys, here's my code so far: for img_scan in os.listdir('./test_folder'): if img_scan.endswith('.jpg'): print(str(img_scan)) It will output a list of image names from within the folder, example: img1.jpg img2.jpg img3.jpg But I can't get the damn thing to just tell me there...
  16. apex1

    [Python] Best Way To Handle Data?

    Hey guys I'm working on a craigslist poster and I need to know the best way to handle data.. ad title ad description (multi-line) price etc I'm thinking about make 1 folder per ad, then having a text file for title, desc, price - does that make sense? From there how should I load them into...
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    [Python] Need Help Fixing My F'd Up Code - (2Captcha API)

    I'm trying to scrape the captcha image and sent it to the 2Captcha API What the code below does: Scrapes source code from pingler Identifies and scrapes a URL with "api-secure.mediasolve" in it (captcha load URL) Disables javascript and opens browser Visits the captcha page (only loads when...
  18. apex1

    [Python] Anyone Have Proxy Script Working For FireFox / Selenium?

    I tried a few scripts from stackoverflow and they don't work.. My proxies have no username and password btw. I'm using the latest version of Python, FireFox and Selenium.
  19. apex1

    How Can I Call Python Code From Another Script?

    I want to keep my main code short, and very organized. Is there any way I can call code from another script, similar to the way a PHP include is used in a HTML document? My main script is 'New' and I want to pull in '' How can I do that? @Yildiz
  20. apex1

    Should I Always Try to Select Element with XPath?

    I'm wondering how often should I use XPath? I can also select by ID / name / CSS etc. Are there any downsides to always using XPath? Should I always use it with 2 elements when possible?