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  1. Sweetrevenge

    Is this a psychological or physical problem?

    Do you even exercise at all ? Seems to me, you lack physical effort and you can't rest your head. I think that meditation and yoga can really help you in this situation. And take note of your thoughts too to evacuate them and to make you feel more relaxed. Noting them down will stop your FOMO...
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    Road to $2100 per Month

    I hope you make it. Let's follow this
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    Do you know how to swim ?

    Yes, I know how to swim and I really enjoy it. The weather is still fresh here, but starting in the middle of October, it will be perfect for me to go to the pool again. I really love it. No, it is not boring at all. It's quite the opposite of that. It's fun and not so tiring compared to...
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    Is it true that automated backlink generation tools are so effective?

    WOW I heard the opposite of that. I heard that they do more harms than good and you really must avoid them for your money site, but they might be good for churn and burn projects. Exorbitant, like how much ? Let's both wait for experts opinions.
  5. Sweetrevenge

    Lucas Jackson. Is he any good?

    Some sort of guru
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    Tell Me Your Best Passive Income Methods :)

    Wow You're literally asking people for unicorn and you don't know why anyone hasn't answered your question yet. You have a lot of questions to ask yourself.
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    Best SEO strategy for a review site? Scraping or manual?

    I would go with option 1 because that way G may pick some long tail kw and rank you easily. And you avoid duplicate content too.
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    Just realized I helped my ex make a lot of money with a store I created..

    Ewww So you're crying over here because you did something good for your girlfriend back then and the work paid off, meanwhile, you broke up with her. And that is the reason why you'll never help anyone else because you're afraid that your help makes them money ??? What kind of mentality is...
  9. Sweetrevenge

    5 Threads on BHW You Should Be Following Today!

    Thanks for opening my eyes. I already know how to set threads on Watch but not entire subforum. So I set 3 of your list on Watch thanks to you.
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    Free Review Copies for Upcoming Expired Domain Service

    Interested if this is still available. Thanks
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    What tools are must have for starting a blog in 2021 ?

    Easier for those who already know what they're doing but not for newbies who are just getting started. Paid tools are just a waste of money if you don't use them to the fullest. So, my advice is to master all the tasks related to blogging before ssearching for ways to make them easier.
  12. Sweetrevenge

    What tools are must have for starting a blog in 2021 ?

    This You don't need paid tools in the beginning. Just read a lot in this beautiful forum and apply everything you learn here. Stay motivated too by knowing your why and reminding yourself of your purpose and goals everytime.
  13. Sweetrevenge

    8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency

    Thanks for the share. Those infos could help freelancers and SEO agencies to level up their game too, in order to get more serious clients.
  14. Sweetrevenge

    Microsoft Ads aka Bing Ads $100 No spend coupons

    Hi, So if I'm getting it right, I need to use a new IP adress and a new VCC number for each coupon I want to use ? How about the website URL ? Can I use the same one each time or will that be an issue with Bing ? I would like to buy coupons regularly to promote my website. Thanks for your...
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    [FREE PREMiUM METHOD] Unlimited $500 US Adwords Accounts (Paypal NOT Nedded)

    I'm requesting mods to close this thread because this method is dead for months now and it gives false hope for many newbies. @Heiko @BassTrackerBoats Sorry if what I'm requesting is against the rules. Thanks
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    Ranking personal pages on Linkedin with a GSA blast

    I would like to know if someone has already done that too.
  17. Sweetrevenge

    Is it allowed to have more than one BHW account?

    Talk to a mod. Only a modertor can sort those things out. And you'll avoid getting banned that way.