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  1. crissdinesh

    India leading the tech industry

    I'm from India. I'm not proud of this country due to massive population and poverty. I just like the many tourist places. Here, people are very proud and prestigious just because someone cracks tough examinations. Ancient India is better than the current polluted trend.
  2. crissdinesh

    Dangerous B.1.1.529 Variant is spreading

    No need to panic over new covid variant
  3. crissdinesh @Backbencher Scammed $660

    He is banned!
  4. crissdinesh

    Youtube is removing the dislike button! :O

    Funny explanation given by YouTube: YouTube said it had also heard from smaller creators and others who were just getting started on the platform that they felt they were being unfairly targeted by dislike attacks. The experiment confirmed this was true — creators with smaller channels were...
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    Happy Diwali in advance to all

    Happy Deepawali
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    Tesla will soon accept SHIBA as a payment, here is why:

    Crypto is never responding to a technical indicator. Whales can pump and dump coins. As long as there is no regulation for the crypto - huge volatility, speculation and gambling cannot be avoided. Few coins has fundamental value but they are underrated. Shit coins are spiking because of the...
  7. crissdinesh

    Will a small amount of bot traffic help rankings?

    Bots are not customers. So, it won't help.
  8. crissdinesh

    Recent google update?

    Every week, Google updates are getting rolled out. The one update on Oct 14/15 was strong.
  9. crissdinesh

    what is white hat SEO?

  10. crissdinesh

    Monetising Crypto traffic

    Crypto users mostly use Brave browser to block ads + they earn BAT token. So, prefer other type of monetization.
  11. crissdinesh

    Build Your Backlink the Right Way With High Authority Guest Posts

    I would like to see some samples. Could you send?
  12. crissdinesh

    Does anyone have an idea to get sites like this?

    It could be a corporate site. Niche: news/gaming/health. It's a team work.
  13. crissdinesh

    Got Bad Links? Disavow and Wait for the Magic!

    Should disallow file be uploaded for each property? Example: I f I have www, non-www version properties.
  14. crissdinesh

    Follow passion or the money?

    Have some backup and follow your passion. It can help you to earn money with peace of mind.
  15. crissdinesh

    Did you learn SEO from someone or by searching on Google?

    Learned a lot through Google's suggested seo practice. Experimenting the same on my blogs.
  16. crissdinesh

    D0-Follow Backlink DA-50 Easy & Indexable

    Thanks for the yes-follow backlink!
  17. crissdinesh

    China bans cryptocurrencies

    How many times China will ban Crypto?
  18. crissdinesh

    Why Fish Live In The Sea?

    They have fins to swim. Fish can also fly for real.