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  1. Inception_AC

    Facebook share button on Page Albums?

    Anyone else notice that if you upload more than 1 photo the share button gets removed? What is the point in this and is there a way around it? Thanks
  2. Inception_AC

    Facebook not sending text code?

    Anyone notice this happening recently? Facebook isn't sending me a code to verify my account? Thanks
  3. Inception_AC

    Facebook two step verification

    Does anyone know how to get around this? I only have 3 days to confirm my accounts, however i am using an older phone without the facebook app and no connection to the internet so it wont let me confirm the account.
  4. Inception_AC

    Woke up this morning to this...

    You're restricted from creating Pages indefinitely. RESTRICTION ON 14 pages and about 3 million fans gone! Tried to appeal and guess what? The button doesn't work! Guess i have to start from scratch!
  5. Inception_AC

    Settle an argument for me about the head and tails of a coin

    Ok so I need the people of BHW to settle a debate which has been running all night between my family! In the UK is the head of the coin the front or the back??
  6. Inception_AC

    how to stop people posting images in comments?

    Is there a way to disable images in facebook comments on pages?? People posting Gifs is really starting to annoy me! Thanks
  7. Inception_AC

    Can everyone do me a quick favour

    Afternoon everyone! Christmas is nearly here so it is the time of good deeds and all that stuff! My cousin is being flown from the UK for a Zelda tournament in the US and has asked me to get her some votes, I was wondering if you could all follow the link below and vote for GarroMaster in the...
  8. Inception_AC

    two-factor authentication issue with Pages

    You can't publish as your Page right now Because you manage one or more Pages with high potential reach, we're requiring you to complete two-factor authentication and confirm your primary country location. More about Page publishing authorization Until you complete the steps above, any actions...
  9. Inception_AC

    Has something changed with GEOIP?

    Afternoon all! I am using maxmind geoip database and as of yesterday any traffic sent to GB goes to my ''other'' landing page when it should be going to my UK one, i havent edited anything or touched it in months as my links all run through prosper, is just happening to me or is other people...
  10. Inception_AC

    Why when i create a new FB page does it unpublish..

    Hola everyone! I hope you have all been well! So basically after a 3/4 month layoff I am back into the game again, however i have noticed when i create a new page it automatically unpublishes the page straight after i post, however I can then republish the page only for it to get unpublished...
  11. Inception_AC

    Anyone know anyone at hetrixbyte?

    Does anyone know any of the owners or anything? I use them for hosting a few of my sites and they seem to have disappeared over the past week and now my site is suspended because their silly system didn't update! Thanks
  12. Inception_AC

    Strange Phone Verification

    When i verify my number after getting a PVA block, it sends the number to my phone and i type it in then the page just refreshes, anyone ever had this before? tried and also the normal facebook, tried changing ips to a dedicated IP and it still refreshes the page strange
  13. Inception_AC

    GDPR Due Diligence - Could Affect Email Marketers?

    Just got this in my email from my AM '' The new GDPR regulations are coming into full effect on the 25th of May which means certain preparations should already be underway. From the 24th onwards it will be illegal to send to non-compliant data. This piece of regulation is the biggest upset to...
  14. Inception_AC

    Entry Process limit exceeded???

    508 Error. Entry Process limit exceeded. This site is temporarily exceeding the allowed resources on the server, please check back after a while. If you continue receive this message for more than few hours, please contact webmaster. Any idea what this means? I have never seen it before, it...
  15. Inception_AC

    Game of Thrones Fans (contains a little spoiler)

    Game of Thrones season 8 testing and shooting is well under way. In moneyglass (the set of winterfell) they have created the entire winterfell castle (instead of just the small parts of the outside), the unsullied have fought there! They have now tested a trebuchet at the Titanic Studios in...
  16. Inception_AC

    Post Number 2000 - Quality over Quantity

    I would just like to thank my mum, the Admins, The Mods, and all of you for a fantastic journey! I hope you have enjoyed some of the shares i have made around the forum! Here is to another 2000 in the next 5 years! It's been emotional!
  17. Inception_AC

    (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)

    Any idea why I am seeing this? Just completed my 2 step, changed my password etc and I cant post on my own thread? Thanks
  18. Inception_AC

    Facebook Account Creator

    Hi Guys Looking for someone to create a facebook account creator for me. I have the email accounts so its just the filling in on Name Last Name Email DOB Gender and Click submit. With proxy support if possible? Thanks If you have experience in this hit me up!
  19. Inception_AC

    Can someone create me a quick signature?

    I need a signature filled out in the next hour or two for a reference however dont have an electronic one here can someone possibly create a quick signature with the name Gary Brown on a white background? Thanks to anyone who can help :D
  20. Inception_AC

    Game of Thrones Spin-off

    Anyone else excited for this? According to word in Ireland (where I live) they are putting 4 show plans together and going to pick the strongest one. Surely the Starks will have a spin off, it would make most sense!