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    What actually IS the best Instagram master course?

    I have an access to a few IG "mastery" course online and I wanted to know which one was actually worth the time or should I go over all of them? Here are what I have access to: 1 Instagram Mastery Academy ( 2 Millionaire Mafia (lol) Instagram Mastery...
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    UploadGig vs Nitroflare vs Rapidgator: Which premium account is worth it?

    So, I want to get a premium account for one of those 3 for some downloads but I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for one of them are all of them just not that different? Thanks!
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    Your non-serious favorite videos right now

    I will go first:
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    Non-IM/Business book recommendation

    Any good, entertaining book that you would recommend? If to set a preference, I would like something in the area of thriller, crime/true crime, horror, journalistic expose, non-fiction, or fiction that is based somewhere in the real world. At the moment, I want to read The Shining and Doctor...
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    Favorite cooking show?

    So, I am watching The Final Table on Netflix right now and it is pretty good! I love watching people cook and eat and if it wasn't for my country not offering The Food Network, I will have that channel on TV all the time in the background. Anyway, do you guys have any cooking shows you like...
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    Products with strong emotional values

    What would be some of the general product categories that strongly ties into people's emotions or identities, whether as a product of massive corporate marketing or something that occurred more or less naturally? The first things that comes to my mind is guns (in the US culture - I am not sure...
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    [WTB] Verified (blue badge) Twitter accounts

    Please PM me if you have a verified (blue badge) Twitter accounts to your name. It must come with original email address you have created the account on. In your PM, please also send screenshots of the analytics page (the languages and countries list) and also the page of impressions page of...
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    Your 2019 Goals? :D

    With 2019 fast approaching, what are your business and/or personal goals? This year, I was able to make a lot of pretty pennies through several of my online projects, so my goal next year is to expand my clients and services to hit big money per month. I didn't know how much tax you had to pay...
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    The Wholesome Thread

    This is a thread for positivity. Post whole some memes, whole some comments, things you are happy or grateful about, puppies, kittens, other animals. Those who need a pick-me-up can comment and we hope there will be those who can give them the wholesome reply! To kick things off, me: Thanks to...
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    Just found this site:

    So I apologize ahead of time if this is old new to some people but I just found this website and thought maybe some people on this board can make use of it if you have methods/how-to documents you want to sell or trade ? I unfortunately don't have any at the moment, but it seemed like a neat...
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    Instagram anounces fake accounts cleanse

    So, I just read this and maybe you did too but just so you didn't get the memo from official IG: Recently, we’ve seen accounts use third-party apps to artificially grow their audience.Every day people come to Instagram to have real experiences, including genuine interactions. It is our...
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    Do you do online coaching?

    Hi, guys, thank you always for the great contents posted on this forum. This is just a general question for anyone who has done or is doing online coaching, if you don't mind sharing your story. If you have done or is doing online coaching, what is the niche/specialty of your coaching? How is...
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    [WTB] Verified USA Adsense account

    Hello, sellers! I am looking into buying multiple verified US Adsense accounts! If you have stock, please contact me via PM. Will only be dealing with Jr. VIP sellers with good feedback record. Payment can be done via PayPal or Payoneer or BTC (if we can find a Middleman in between). Thank...
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    Dogs vs Cats vs Others

    I am an all-around animal person from fluffs to reptiles but usually the perpetual question is Dog person vs Cat person. Also, please feel free to post any animal feed/channels/accounts that you love because I will never have enough of them. I wish I could get some pets but I am way too busy...
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    A reputable bitcoin escrow?

    The title is a bit self-explanatory but do you guys know any websites or middleman service online who has a good track record of reputation for bitcoin escrow transaction? only seem to accept regular currency so that doesn't work for the purpose. I have found...
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    Your Favorite Stand-Up Comedian

    Well, the title is self-explanatory! I have been streaming a lot of stand-up specials on Netflix. My favorites currently are Aziz Ansari, John Mulaney, and Maz Jobrani. I tend to like people with a political bend of satirical humor. Here is a bit I like from Aziz's show (you can watch the...
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    The story behind your chosen BHW avatar

    So, mostly everyone has an icon.avatar for their profiles here, and I was just wondering the reasons why you chose that particular one. For example, for me I chose the Super Star from Super Mario not because I am a narcissistic maniac (lol) but because I wanted to have something that was yellow...
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    Your opinion about Udemy

    So, I have seen a number of people post free Udemy courses on the Downloads forum and they look interesting to me but I wanted to ask you all (especially those who have done udemy courses before) what your opinion was about the platform. Do you think the ones that are not free (so just regular...
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    Detective Pikachu

    Whether it is absolutely terrible or bloody brilliant, I feel compelled to watch this movie. Thoughts?
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    E-Residency and Incorporation in Estonia

    Hi, everyone, the topic is fairly straight forward (see title). I have recently discovered that you can get e-residency and create a company in Estonia, and I can get access to a lot of EU related benefits that is not available in my home country (where I actually work and reside). Does anyone...