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  1. KingPinger

    Cristiano Ronaldo snub wipes billions off Coca-Cola’s market value

    Surprise twist: the water brand is owned by coke
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    Pull ups changed my life

    Highly agree!!!
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    I'm Sad, I have no friends.

    Find a local Meetup around a hobby you enjoy and you'll find genuine people in the group. Join a club in the University, you'll find like-minded people there as well. Post a notice on your community board around a hobby you're interested in. Create your own club with this notice, you'll find...
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    [DIY] How To Create Your Own 4G Proxy

    Bruh, this some next level sheeeeeeeed
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    ☆ Covid Deaths Rising after Vaccines! [Proof Inside]

    Isn't the vaccine free?
  6. KingPinger

    Why would a page rank in position 1 when that page has 0 backlinks and 0 referring domains

    They hide links like the mafia hid bodies back in the day.
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    ☆ Covid Deaths Rising after Vaccines! [Proof Inside]

    Nah there's profits to be made
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    [STEP-BY-STEP METHOD] How to be an eMailer $Millionaire on Autopilot in 5 Steps Blueprint

    I agree with much of this review. OP has suggested there may be updates with the blueprint so im hoping these updates will have more examples and breakdowns as a newbie to email marketing. However, this blueprint still has value.
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    [METHOD] How to be an eMailer $Millionaire on Autopilot in 5 Steps

    Please post the link in here when it's available.
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    Best Way to Monetize a Niche Website (Highly Priced software tutorials)

    Perhaps try collecting Facebook pixels of your readers to that specific article. create look alike audience from this data. advertise your blog/post to them. funnel the facebook traffic to help grow your site traffic. use that boosted traffic result to help get commission on sales from the gui...
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    Spotify money maker.

    Meanwhile billboard will help fluff their own numbers
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    I have a huge email list, how do I monetize it?

    If the people who opt in for a service or offer you should directly sell offers and it services you control to them. You'll need to learn how to write really good copy in sales within the email targeting the specific offers/services they chose to opt in for. If for example you have people opting...