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    Free gmb review

    I offer a free gmb review for some of you (it coud be for the first 10 or first 100... doing this in the spare time and dont have that much) reply with something if you want and send pm: with biz name and address (street number, street name, city state... (!important for the biz to have a...
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    smtp g m a il problem

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    some good quality web directories?

    hello, can someone spare a good list of free web directories... i have searched around and i found: - a lot of shitty directories - no page-rank (maybe even g00gle banned - did't checked the) - same servers / owners...
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    C# Fill Web Controls - Need Some Help

    hello, i have small browser (c# ) with a webbrowser control. and a button fill login: that button fills the webform with my login details: for example is working good for my mail on yahoo, i don't need to write the username/pass... just click fill and then click on login ( haven't yet...
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    how to get 5-6 non-filtered reviews on if you have any suggestion please let me know...i tried many things but all i get is filtered reviews... if you have some "secrets" please pm me... Thank you!
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    need some help on ebay

    i live in europe / romania and an need a product from (netTALK DUO - a voip adapter); nobody is delivering even to Europe. i will need someone to buy it and send it to me (in europe -in uk or romania). i will pay the taxes, the product even a plus as a bonus for who will help me...
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    need advice against one blogspot blog

    i have client and someone created a blog in 2009 that guys wrote some bad things and also got some comments, about 8 comments... how can i dominate the results in front of that blog fast? i mean i want to push it back in search engine results.... what will...
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    funny google sugestion....

    i live in romania so my google is (when i'm not using a proxy or vpn :D ) today i wanted to search for something and is started to type on search "how can ..." as soon as i typed "how c " the first suggestion was: "how can i get my girlfriend to tape her fingers...
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    looking for partner - my part web-coding design, scraping, emails, hosting

    Im looking for a partner my part: web-coding and design scraping emails hosting seo small investments pm me if interested. sorry if posted on the wrong section.
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    yahoo email checker

    i would need tool to keep my email accounts from expiring. i have more yahoo email accounts (300 hundreds for now) and i use the from time to time... how do i keep the not expiring checking all of them? i tried with Thunderbird but only is really slow i also get blocked after...
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    need some help php / .htacces

    i have two pages: A and B (.php) in A i have <IFRAME SRC="mov/b.php" > </IFRAME> in B i have some functions. facts: is a necessity to have that iframe problem: i need to block direct acces(visitors) to mov/b.php but in the same time i need the page B to work for me. I need...
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    my link "wheel" - it works

    i'm not sure if it can be name a link wheel, but the main idea is that it works. in my seo i do the followings: for content: copy paste paragraphs from manny related sites to my keywords. i separate them with an delimiter string ex: "*~*", and i have them on a .txt file. like pragaraph 1...
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    2 questions - about Facebook and Google Maps

    First one: ho can i make a profile on Facebook to look like this one: and not like this one: (i mean you can see on the first link that you can read the wall without being logged in etc...) My second question: On google maps if you...
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    Need some help with autoblogged

    i'm tring to make my first autoblog... and a use autoblogged but i have one problem: when i'm trying to put my tags for a feed it doesn't save them... is there a limit of tags, or a maixum size of that input? if i put: test, test1, test2 , test3, test4,test5, test6, test7, test8, test9 is...
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    add multiple blogspot blogs to webmaster tools

    i have an gmail account... with this email i've done 30 blogs on blogspot... how do i add all those blogs to webmaster? not one by one... i've done this in the past... but i forgot how...:pcguru::confused::( can someone please tell me how? thank you!
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    Web hosting plans?

    hi! Ive serched th forum many times , ive red a lot of reviews from internet... an no i can't decide for a web host:confused:....:confused::confused::confused::confused: can you please suggest me one.... a good the will let me keep many websites, mysql databases, a lot of trafic, a lot of...
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    got banned by google...:(

    hi... i have about 1000 websites banned by google... i had websites with 25.000 indexed pages... but now i have none... is there any chance to save my business??? i can't lose 1000 websites...i can't wait for more... any chance?? thank you!