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    Google Indexing Error In Console !!!

    Hi All, From yesterday i am facing issues inside my search console dashboard. The coverage report says its 'indexed without content' issues with my two web pages. Also i am seeing that in sitemap section there is error present. (can't able to read sitemap) When i try to inspect url, it...
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    Amazon Affiliate Strategy

    Hello All, From last week i've started using the Amazon native ads and also put few in text Amazon links in my posts. So can someone suggest some best placements and locations where i can place the Amazon native ads and the banner ads for more conversions. Also a small query : How to place...
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    Website Valuation

    Hello All !! Recently i viewed some of the domain and website selling/auctioning market places like flippa, sedo , dan , goddady auctions etc . One peculiar thing i've observed is the valuation of newly built sites with avg traffic and not so great design etc. So is the website selling...
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    Adinserter Plugin Issue

    Hi All, I need help in deactivating ads in one of my post. So can someone please suggest the steps to disable ads in only one blog post and not all my site for that position. Right now m using the adinserter plugin on my wordpress site. Also can i manually delete the ad code from the post...
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    Cloudflare Doubts

    Hello All, I have few basic queries regarding Cloudflare CDN . Can someone please help me regarding the below doubts : 1. How can i access wordpress and cpanel once i change the hosting providers nameservers and put cdn nameservers. 2. Do cloudflare really help in enhancing site speed. 3. If...
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    Wordpress Speed Optimization

    Hi everyone , I need some suggestions to improve my site speed . Is it better to buy gig in Fiverr regarding this . Or we can simply do this on our own . right now my site loading speed is terrible around 10sec . So my question is if the below two steps are just enough to boost the speed : 1...
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    How to rank an EMD ?

    Hi All , I have found a misspelt keyword with High volume of searches . But whenever i search typing the misspelt keywrd in google search , i can see the correct keyword that google want me to see i.e. something like this : "Showing results for 'correct keywrd' , search instead for 'misspelt'...
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    Highest CPM Ad Network

    Hey , Just wanted to know the highest and the best paid cpm ad network . Also have heard many good reviews about Adthrive , Ezoic ,Mediavine , Monumetric etc . I have a simple blog containing mostly 'how to guides' related to tech niche . So for me, i don't think there will be any good...
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    Website Sandbox Doubt

    Hi all , I had a website with around 30 posts (all indexed by Google) . I had earned some backlinks for the same . But then i left working on the site and left the domain as it is . Then finally i changed my hosting provider and moved all the content to my new blog . I haven't used the old...
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    Indian Paypal Usage

    Hi All , I am from India and recently started using the Paypal app . But then i realized that in India we can't load money from any Indian debit cards (BOB bank). I only have debit card with me . Can some1 pls suggest what to do.... as most of the places , they only accept Paypal as payment...
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    Ranking Ideas

    Recently i got lucky to rank one keyword for one of my post to feature among the top 2 positions . But soon i realized that , i am getting far lower number of clicks for rhe same post (as shown in Ahref cps). Then i started digging deeper into this , and i realized that the top postions in the...
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    Keyword Ranking

    hi everyone , I have started a tech niche blog just as my hobby last year . I just keep on adding content to my blog (having around 250 posts of around 1k+ words each). Right now i am getting around 400 to 500 hits daily (mostly from tier 1 countries) . Recently i have been hit by the May core...
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    Hi There !!

    Hello All , This is my first post here . I am really excited to be a part of this informative forum .