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  1. mantinis

    ⚡ Themeforest Database LEAKED! ⚡ Stop hunting for themes in the forest! ⚡ Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins Only at $9. ❤️ FREE TRIALS ❤️

    Paid with card, received 403. Money was charged but subscription is not working. Please help asap!
  2. mantinis

    Superb Looking Wordpress Websites✅Premium Templates & Plugins✅E-Commerce✅Support & Revisions

    Offering 10 discounted review copies 30% DISCOUNT COPIES ARE AVAILABLE FOR FIRST 10 MEMBERS!
  3. mantinis

    Superb Looking Wordpress Websites✅Premium Templates & Plugins✅E-Commerce✅Support & Revisions

    Refund Policy: On average, we complete our orders in less than 7 days. However, if we are not able to deliver services within 14 working days we are more than happy to provide a full refund.
  4. mantinis

    ★★ AGED FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS |2010-2011| ★★

    Interested, please send me PM. Thanks!
  5. mantinis

    How To Do Keyword Research in 2020

    Great method, definitely will try it! ;)
  6. mantinis

    How do You generate free traffic?

    Try Quora / relevant Facebook groups. These typically convert pretty well if you put some time and effort to it. Good luck!
  7. mantinis

    VyperRank's High Quality PBN Links at Low Price!

    Interested, send me a discount code. Thanks
  8. mantinis | SMM Panel | Advanced Dripfeed Option | Non-Drop Youtube Views | HQ Instagram Followers | 200+ SMM Services

    Already registered, would love to try services. Nickname: mantinis Also, would like to see reseller prices. Thanks
  9. mantinis

    500+ Free Backlink Building List

    What a lovely list. Thanks, OP!
  10. mantinis

    vcc for ahrefs trail?

    Use iCard, Revolut, etc. These or similar payments providers offer disposable virtual cards which can be deleted and created new ones
  11. mantinis

    [Free PBN Links] Blog Posts Giveaway

    Interested, count me in
  12. mantinis

    Free udemy courses

    OP, great list. Thanks for sharing!
  13. mantinis

    OVH or buyvm etc for my website

    Only the worst experience with OVH. Support is REALLY terrible and slow, also you have to wait for a few days to get a verified account. In my opinion, there are way better alternatives like DigitalOcean or DreamHost and their prices are pretty good.
  14. mantinis

    $1,5M Mobile Game > Road to 50M Downloads

    What an interesting journey! Really keen to see how well everything goes. OP, best of luck!
  15. mantinis

    Can I mine with Google Cloud?

    Great article. Thanks for sharing!