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  1. dennisyu

    Pass subid to CPA Redirector?

    I'm trying to pass a subid from the landing page into the offer url in CPA Redirector (standalone version) for tracking purposes. Any php wizard know if that's possible? .
  2. dennisyu

    What's the name of that content locker that lets you frame ANY page?

    Anyone remember the name of that content locker that lets you frame any page, even if it's not yours, and you can put an opt-in box over it.
  3. dennisyu

    Need Someone To Decrypt Two PHP Ioncube WP Files

    As the title states, i need someone to decode two php wordpress files encrypted with ioncube. ASAP. The footer file, and functions file. skype: digitalcakes or send a pm.
  4. dennisyu

    Have Content Lock Pro but not using it or making any money?

    If you have content lock pro, but aren't using it or making money -- msg me.
  5. dennisyu

    Content Locker with other payment options?

    Anyone know of a content locker with the option to pay directly with payza, google checkout, sms, etc..? Preferably one that's also mobile optimized as well.
  6. dennisyu

    Anyone know of a script or code that does this?

    Obviously you could pay someone to code such a thing, shouldn't be too hard. But i'm curious if anyone knows of something that's already out there. Basically, when a user leaves your landing page and comes back-- i want it to display different html. I believe it's a javascript cookie thang.
  7. dennisyu

    DateConnected Doesn't Pay

    They run a few dating offers: Just Hook Up, Rudefinder, Date Agency, Flirt Crowd and Find Me Love. They payout biweekly on the 1st and 16th of every month. I started running traffic at the beginning of December '11. I have yet to receive a payment. Their affiliate managers seem to not...
  8. dennisyu

    R u d e F i n d e r

    If you're promoting r u d e f i n d e r, what's your EPC? I'm promoting it directly through date-connected and i'm starting to think they are shaving my ass.
  9. dennisyu

    Banned for having more than one account?

    They temporary disabled my account over a week ago which i use for both personal and for advertising. I also had other fake accounts i made for just testing shit, like ads and fan pages. Well, they disabled all of them now. Could i just make another account on a different ip? Or would the...
  10. dennisyu

    Is anyone a Leadpile seller?

    If so, how fast do the leads sell?
  11. dennisyu

    Looking for that WSO plugin

    ... that was shared maybe a week or two ago. You can add spintax to your wordpress posts and when you publish it, it also posts to some social sites while spinning the content. Somethin' like that. Could not find it in search.
  12. dennisyu

    Best wordpress plugin for sending SMS messages?

    What is the best wordpress plugin for sending bulk sms messages? Preferably one that lets you import a list, as the numbers will be scraped.
  13. dennisyu

    is anyone an appthemes customer?

    If you so would you mind letting me login to your account and view the forum? I just need to see the classipress section. Already have the latest version, but i didn't buy it.
  14. dennisyu

    Trying to rank on G' Places naturally?

    How hard is it to get onto google places without having to submit the business? I see some listings in a 7-pack don't even have any citations or a website. I would imagine it should be easy to beat these. Reason being i'm trying to find get around renting a virtual office. The cheapest site i...
  15. dennisyu

    anyone have experience with WAP?

    Anyone running a WAP store? I'm looking to set one up so users can download stuff via mobile. Wallpapers, new ringtones etc... Is there a script or something anyone could recommend? Would be even better if something existed for wordpress.
  16. dennisyu

    Anyone have a nice script for a static html popup?

    Anyone have such a script for a static html page? Preferably a nice one with a lightbox effect that you can just stick a html or a div in.
  17. dennisyu

    Where to find international proxies that work?

    looking for intl. proxies that actually work for the purpose of viewing landing pages. A google search brings up worthless, shitty results.
  18. dennisyu

    [JV] Need a coder who knows wordpress really good

    I need a coder who is an expert at wordpress. No design involved, it's just a matter of editing pre existing theme code. We can make a lot of money and this is a new method. PM and i will give you the deets.
  19. dennisyu

    Looking for a FB cloaker

    Anyone cloaking on F B ppc? Been looking for a script to test out.
  20. dennisyu

    Adult JV

    Looking to jv with some one who can just blast my site and rank it. At this point i really don't give a shit if it gets sandboxed as i've tried just about every other traffic method i could think of and i think the only way to bank off this is to rank it on search. Been trying to get this...