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  1. Brickbat1

    3350 Crypto Telegram Groups list with 1.1 million live online members plus free Group Shill bot for $100

    As the title says, you get a clean list of 3350 Crypto related Telegram groups. The total number of members online at the time the list was built was about 1.1 million. The total members is actually about 16 million. The group with the smallest number of members has about 100 members, while the...
  2. Brickbat1

    How is this type of Crypto scam possible?

    I witnessed twice now, a fresh token add liquidity on PCS V2, looked at the contract and it had ownership revoked, had almost all tokens in the contract, had a burn address and liquidity was locked for one year. Liquidity was large also, over $10k. Then after some minutes, in both cases not up...
  3. Brickbat1

    Any Coin Presales IDO analysis Groups out there?

    Wondering if anyone is in such a group. I am in one for launches and it surely cuts the time needed to analyze the constant stream of new tokens. So if there is one for presales and IDOs, I will like to know about it.
  4. Brickbat1

    Greenmoon going 4000+% in 24 hours !

    I just jumped in haha... This is crazyyyyy!!! From their website, price will increase 12.5 percent every 8 hours!!.. Though its a rebase token though - meaning the number of tokens you hold will continue to decrease but will remain in the same proportion to the circulating supply as it was when...
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    Accepting a HAF with less than circa 50% upfront - a big No No

    So a client just abandoned a job on me cancelling after I had already spent my precious time and already delivered the product (recoverable actually). Time that I could have channelled into other valuable things - that's the most painful part : things I had to give up doing to get the job done...
  6. Brickbat1

    Any hope for crypto checkout integration for BHW BST thread payments/ JrVip subs soon?

    The current way of emailing support to make payment by crypto is quite a pain.I once did that requesting to pay for a BST thread by crypto and support never responded. Its easy to integrate with Coinbase for instance. Lot of mainstream websites are doing that now. Right now I need to make...
  7. Brickbat1

    interesting Smart Contract with a really unique idea

    This one is the first I have seen in a while that is a bit different. Found it while scanning through new contracts on Bscscan for a punt. Its about a day old but it seems that was presales. It looks like MLM programmed into a smart contract ha ha. .They call it Debt Protocol. I dont quite...
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    Problems on Binance Smart Chain via Flash loan attacks
  9. Brickbat1

    "0" use tokens are not useless.

    I see a lot of scorn and derision for tokens that are claimed by detractors to have zero use because they do not supposedly solve any real world problem. Having flipflopped on that opinion myself, I have come to the conclusion that this mindset is wrong. "Zero" use tokens are not useless. They...
  10. Brickbat1

    What happens when All Safemoon tokens are burnt up + purchased?

    Methinks there will be a race out of the door and smart alecs would be out long before then.. am I wrong or is there some new trick that can come up to sustain price?
  11. Brickbat1

    What happens when All Safemoon tokens are burnt up + purchased?

    Methinks there will be a race out of the door and smart alecs would be out long before then.. am I wrong or is there some new trick that can come up to sustain price?
  12. Brickbat1

    [JV] Brickbat1 is starting a crypto token with predefined parameters. You are invited to the community with a chance to join the team.

    The last few days, I have been free via a temp ban :) to really think through what it will take to successfully launch a token via crowdsourcing of talent through this forum. One of my realizations is that the initiator of the project has to lead and will of necessity be the sole custodian of...
  13. Brickbat1

    How quickly is a new view reflected in a video's viewcount?

    I just viewed a saved livestream video (no longer live) and almost 5 minutes after, the view count has not been updated. I viewed it from my firefox browser on my pc so its not a bot view.... View was for 45 seconds. Advice anyone?
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    I need a working free open US proxy for some tests

    Have tried several free proxy sites, but by the time I put the proxy to do my test, its not working. Any help will be appreciated.
  15. Brickbat1

    Need help successfully modifying and replaying Fiddler requests

    As the title goes, I am trying to learn how to simulate successfully, http requests from my logged in Gmail account.I can replay successfully, http requests from the logged in Gmail account. The problem now is how to use the logged in cookie of another Gmail account and successfully replay the...
  16. Brickbat1

    Is there anyone creating bulk Twitter accounts, using them for long without phone verification?

    If yes, how do you do it, because currently, I face phone verification quite a bit, even from the Twitter app itself.....Any thoughts?
  17. Brickbat1

    China Region with cheapest electricity bans crypto mining As more and more states take a stand against power hungry mining, what do you think the effect on bitcoin value will be? Less miners, more inefficient blockchain higher fees (already crazy high)...your thoughts?
  18. Brickbat1

    Oh boy! Bitcoin at $55k!

    Its just incredible to actually watch this thing happen far faster than I expected. I thought $100k by the year this rate, it will be by march ending.
  19. Brickbat1

    Claim your $200 USDT 0% Interest Voucher

    Yeah its clickbait, but thats the title of the email I received from Binance a few days after opening an account. The body of the email reads: So to any Binancians here, does this mean they are loaning me USDT 200 margin with which I can trade or something? What isolated margin mean?