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  1. Oreos Are Bae

    How to boost shorts with smm panel

    I was wondering what traffic source I could use to boost youtube shorts to give it a good ranking I already know that some views like HR wont help me so can someone please help me with this so I can rank my shorts
  2. Oreos Are Bae

    Need a developer to build a gui

    Hello, I need a program to build a program that pull IPs and separate them $50-60
  3. Oreos Are Bae

    Gaming Youtubers Ranking

    Hello, I started this to see if anyone else is in the gaming niche here I wanted to know if we could share ideas and help each other out with the ranking problem a lot of YouTubers here are facing
  4. Oreos Are Bae

    Need A Good Spotify Bot

    I need a dev that is making a lot of money from Spotify also so they understand how to use this and how not to be banned on Spotify if you think you can build a fully functional bot that bot playlist, likes , and follows please dm Budget 10k-15k ( can change if needed)
  5. Oreos Are Bae

    WTB Need A Youtube BOT

    Hello, I am looking for a programmer to build a youtube black hat seo bot that helps me rank videos with watch time ,views and ctr please pm me with price and how long it will take
  6. Oreos Are Bae

    WTB Developer to build program to boost CTR on youtube

    I'm looking for a private provider for youtube services. I need youtube views with high retention that will boost CTR/Watchtime of my videos. Comments from gaming niche profiles USA likes USA Subs Let me know if you can provide these services, willing to pay a good price.
  7. Oreos Are Bae


    I recently moved into another apartment for school and they got a new account with student discount and happened to have the same first name as this person who lived here before me and they returned a bunch of things and I bought a refurbished router that didn't work so I returned it and I...
  8. Oreos Are Bae

    Whats the best smm panel for instagram

    I am looking for the best smm panel that works well with instagrams algorithm to get on discorver page and what not smm haven use to be easy to get on discover page but now they only use russian bots so its hard generating real engagement from fake engagement I am finding now
  9. Oreos Are Bae

    Fliping money

    Just wanted to ask a question and clear up for anyone that had questions about the same thing I had I have about 1k to invest into right maybe more if need be the max I would want to invest would be 1500 but has anyone bought anything from anyone on bhw that they could honestly say fliped...
  10. Oreos Are Bae

    WTB View Bot

    Hello I am looking in buying a view bot I need a freelancer to create one for me I need one for if possible
  11. Oreos Are Bae

    Need Help with bot

    Need someone to help me build a view bot to watch livestreams and boost views to the view counter for dlive and mixer
  12. Oreos Are Bae


    I found a script to a view bot for mixer on here and I cant seem to get it working I also fixed a few things in it can someone help please import random, time, requests from selenium import webdriver from selenium.webdriver.common.proxy import * from bs4 import BeautifulSoup USER_AGENTS_FILE =...
  13. Oreos Are Bae

    Live stream View Bot

    I am looking for a view bot for mixer or twitch in python I found one on here but I cant get it to work. Can anyone get it to work and help me out import random, time, requests from selenium import webdriver from selenium.webdriver.common.proxy import * from bs4 import BeautifulSoup...
  14. Oreos Are Bae

    Looking for guide for this

    I am looking for an updated full guide on how to create ebay and paypal stealth accounts does anyone have one?
  15. Oreos Are Bae

    Need Bot to automate my site

    I would like to strat a movie steaming site and Iike to get a bot built to get videos and upload them and do everything that is needed for please pm with a quote must be trusted
  16. Oreos Are Bae

    Need Some Help With Streaming site

    IHello, I wanted to ask a few questios regarding streaming sites. 1. If I embed the content on the website and add disclamiar along with contact us fourm would I still need off shore hosting? 2. If I embed videos from another website to start what are some good ways to monetize that example...
  17. Oreos Are Bae

    Anime streaming website

    Hello, I was wanting to ask you guys about how would I go about setting up an automated anime/cartoon streaming site like I looked into wp-anime , and animescraper and both are scams they dont work anymore as of 2018 and both have no support anymore I would like to...
  18. Oreos Are Bae

    Looking to start a movie / cartoon streaming site

    Anyone can help me with a streaming site I would like to start one any advice on what to use for example. wordpres/ html and php or use word press and just scrape links form other sites
  19. Oreos Are Bae

    Anyone Started A Cartoon streaming site

    I would like to know how is it done like or something like that how is it done
  20. Oreos Are Bae

    Looking for App install bot

    Looking for someone that can help me I am looking for an app install bot where I can just put in my url then it will create virtual machines and install my app on them can any one help me with that thank you