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  1. liquardo

    Anyone tried Ezoic Premium Memberships?

    I just got offered to pay for an Ezoic premium membership, where you need to pay to get paid more...? Sounds like a real scam type deal to start off, let a lone they give you a 'free trial for 15 days' and a discount to instantly pay for a full year. Has anyone tried these memberships and is it...
  2. liquardo

    A FREE University Level Full-Stack REACT Course (Open for Everyone) [NO SIGN UP NEEDED]

    I figured this could be useful to anyone interested in learning React and full-stack development. It is a free online course created by the University of Helsinki and it has gotten some great reviews all around from Reddit and such. I just finished Part 2 and realized maybe someone here could...
  3. liquardo

    Good 'Recent posts' plugins for sidebar?

    Sup peeps? So, I have a WP site using the Astra theme, which is very lightweight. I want to show recent posts, unique to categories on the sidebar. For example: On all posts within Windows 10 category, sidebar will show 5 random posts from that category. My current sidebar looks like this...
  4. liquardo

    Best way to prevent chargebacks on PayPal when selling a Guestpost?

    So I've had someone send me an e-mail asking to buy some guest posts on my site via PayPal. Since the mail seems a bit shady, I was wondering what would be the best way to charge for it through PayPal with the least risk for any charge-backs?
  5. liquardo

    How to find Low Competition FOREIGN nice?

    I'm looking to start a fully non-english blog (nordic country), but I'm wondering what would be the best tool/way to find a good unsaturated niche for a foreign language? Not sure how well certain research tools work for foreign keywords. Any tips would be appreciated.
  6. liquardo

    Best way to handle video file hosting for adult tube site?

    I assume this might not be the correct section to ask this, but the hosting subforum is under marketplace so I'll just ask this here. So my situation is as follows. I have a domain that receives 100-200 visits a day from the infamous porn upload method. I'm currently just redirecting it to some...
  7. liquardo

    Copying content from physical magazines, is it viable?

    I was wondering if anyone is doing this and what are the possible downfalls. If a magazine has no online version of said articles, I assume there would be no reasonable way for copyright issues to arise. I was also thinking of using foreign magazines in my native language to translate to...