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  1. davids355

    Automate the create of accounts on events website

    I need someone to create 20 accounts on an events website and once each account is registered, it needs to be marked as "interested" in attending a specific event. Message me if you can do this and I will provide more details. Budget: $20.
  2. davids355

    You need to improve your site speed

    Google: "You need to improve your site speed ASAP!" SEO: "Okay, we did it." SEO: "What now?" Google: "Huh?" SEO: "Will better performing websites be rewarded?" Google: "Rewarded?" Google: "Is this your first algorithm? " Google: "Noob " 2 days later... SEO: "This website is dominating...
  3. davids355

    Google’s Inverted Index of the Web

    This is an interesting article from SEO by the sea, about Googles use of inverted indexes to rank pages in the SERPs based on user queries - It's a bit heavy going but quite interesting if you want a technical insight into some of the ways in which Google processes and organise search results...
  4. davids355

    Help required to make WordPress website compatible with PHP 7.4

    I have a WordPress website that is currently running on PHP 7.0. I would like to upgrade to PHP 7.4 but when I do this, there are some errors showing up on both the frontend and the WordPress dashboard relating mainly to the theme as well as a few issues relating to plugins. I have tried...
  5. davids355

    I am loving the UX changes to the forum

    I just wanted to give some feedback and say that I am loving the subtle UX changes around the forum - I assume these have come as a result of the downtime the other day, or they've been around for longer and I have somehow only just noticed (!). A couple of things in particular that I noticed...
  6. davids355

    cryptocurrency gives me goosebumps

    This is such a "doh" moment and an obvious statement to make, but cryptocurrency is such a functional and efficient form of payment, and using it for that purpose gives me goosebumps. It is easy to send and receive money with anyone in the world regardless of their location, the currency they...
  7. davids355

    extract indexed URLs from Google

    I will provide the URL (a single domain) and I would like an excel spreadsheet containing all of the indexed URLs for that domain. Budget $10.00.
  8. davids355

    How to extract indexed links for a single domain using scrapebox

    I am sure this should be simple but for some reason, I can't do it. I tried adding into the footprint field and then clicking on start harvesting, but this returns zero results.
  9. davids355

    The power of internal linking

    I made a few changes to my internal linking structure, one of which is a link from an internal page pointing to my homepage with an exact match anchor text. This internal page was super-relevant to the anchor text, and its corresponding topic, that I was using to link to the homepage. These...
  10. davids355

    30-day startup SEO with Fabrizio Ballarini from Wise

    Looks like it might be interesting - a Wise (formerly transferwise) employee doing a startup SEO journey via podcast - “In May 2021 during a sabbatical leave from Wise, I am going to try build a long term business that will grow primarily via SEO. Starting from 0 and sharing daily highlights...
  11. davids355

    Food and music

    What? It’s almost the weekend. Sort of. What you guys eating tonight / today? And what you listening to? This is my tea this evening - vegetarian Kiev, chunky chips and a And for some reason, I thought of this old song today that reminds me of times gone by -
  12. davids355

    [Journey] - Trying to outrank the competition by adding real value to content

    My plan for this journey is to focus on a single article, one topic that is fairly lucrative in terms of search volume. The goal here is to try and add some real value to this topic in order that Google will rank my article above the existing ones. This journey is partly to rank, drive traffic...
  13. davids355

    Good morning everyone

    Good morning all. Let's have some positive vibes today. The sun is shining for once here in Scotland, UK and there is a clear blue sky. Bitcoin was also trending this morning on Twitter UK. I feel like it will be a good day. What's it like where you guys are today?
  14. davids355

    What are you guys eating and drinking today?

    Inspired by @proxygo what are you guys all eating and drinking on this fine Sunday? This is my dinner: mashed potato, Yorkshire pudding, bread sauce, stuffing and roasted Mediterranean vegetables. For my drink; diluted apple and black current juice.
  15. davids355

    Bitcoin must be good if Elon bought into it

    Simple obviously statement but listening to Elon on Joe Rohan’s podcast has just made me think: this guy is so clever, forward thinking but also logical. If he has looked at Bitcoin in detail, and decided to buy into it, that tells me for certain that it’s going to be a big thing (if not...
  16. davids355

    A single Joe Rogan podcast and I'm HOOKED

    I've resisted for so long, I don't know why, Joe Rogans podcast just didn't appeal to Me. But after I watched Francis ngannou fight this weekend and in particular saw his postfight interview and his happiness at making it to heavyweight champ, I couldn't resist watching him on Joes podcast...
  17. davids355

    We may be in the second half or later stages of a bull market

    Very interesting article from the glassnode newsletter. It's a week old but very good read still.
  18. davids355

    Tesla are now accepting payment via Bitcoin on

    As the title states, Tesla are now accepting payment via Bitcoin. Secondary source: Edit: and the original announcement from Elon himself -
  19. davids355

    My life is complete

    So I open up Instagram and I see that an account with the nickname “NFT” is doing a live. Great, I thought to myself, let’s see what this guy is saying about crypto art. So I tune in to the live and you’ll never guess who is the other participant - Mike Bisping the UFC commentator and world...
  20. davids355

    Small steps make bigger progress

    "Small steps make bigger progress". This is a quote that a good friend of mine came out with today, so all credit goes to him. However, it is something that I was thinking about beforehand, and also something I was contemplating posting here on Blackhatworld. So after my friend came out with...