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  1. Sweetrevenge

    Question about Facebook new feature

    Today is the day I noticed that Facebook has Upvote and Downvote features for comments on some groups. On most of them, I only see the usual buttons "Like/Reply/Share". So my question is: how does this feature affect anything on Facebook? Does it work like on Reddit or Quora?
  2. Sweetrevenge

    One day, I'm gonna die

    I was suddenly thinking about the cycle of life this morning. And I realized that I'm going to die, one day. That made me a little sad. But what's worst it the thought of my loved ones who are all going to die. How to deal with this thought? Have you ever thought about that?
  3. Sweetrevenge

    What Would You Do If You Were In My Place?

    Hi all, I'm a little bit lost and need some guidance. So here is my state right now : - I have only 2 hours per day to focus on my project. - I have 2 websites to take care of. - I'm from a third world country where I can pay cheap VA for tasks online. - I have 500 $ per month to outsource...
  4. Sweetrevenge

    I'm feeling lost & so tired and I need your help

    Hi everyone, I’ve been a freelancer since when I was in my last year at the university (2010). I tried many things else before that but nothing beat the freedom and the paycheck I get doing freelancing job. I started as a writer and I still am a professional writer for websites and blogs. I did...
  5. Sweetrevenge

    Looking for a Freelancer for a Proofreading Task

    Hey, I'm looking for someone to proofread correctly articles which have been translated from French. The work involves some SEO tasks also to optimize the Title, the meta description and the meta title. The end result of each article must be fluent, readable, smooth and without anything which...
  6. Sweetrevenge

    Is having a Facebook page still worth it for an agency ?

    Hello everyone, I'm asking this question because I'm in the beginning a new journey and I wonder if it's still worth it to launch a business page in Facebook for my agency. I'm asking that because of the really low reach and I really don't plan to promote it via Facebook ads. I just don't have...
  7. Sweetrevenge

    {{{Journey}}} To Reach ☞ 3 000 euros ☜ Until December 2021

    Hello everyone, Welcome to another journey of mine. The first one was a success IMO because I reached the monthly income goal. In the second one, I failed miserably because of the niche I chose. This one, I’ll focus on 3 websites: * Website 1: my writing agency This is a new domain name that...
  8. Sweetrevenge

    Questions about web 2.0

    Hi everyone, I have a few questions about building web 2.0. So for those who are knowledgeable : - Homepage : static or just blogroll ? - How many posts for each web 2.0 ? - How many words per post ? - Does each one of them need to have mandatory pages like real websites ? - Where do I...
  9. Sweetrevenge

    Questions about Clickbank affiliation

    Hi everyone, So after my first attempt to advertise affiliate product last week and you all laughed at me hard: I’ve managed to launch a new PPC ad this week with another...
  10. Sweetrevenge

    (Thousands of clicks, but no conversion) How is that even possible?

    Hello BHWers, I started promoting Maxbounty offers yesterday and I selected the best offers possible for the Geo I planned and I created campaigns on a very popular popads platform. And this is my stats so far. * I even stopped the ads because I don't think they're performing at all. I mean...
  11. Sweetrevenge

    Maxbounty Affiliate Link Redirecting To Something Else

    Hi everyone, So I'm new to Maxbounty and I think I'm finally ready to promote some of their products. However, I tried to create 2 affiliate links so far and none of them work properly. The first one that I create redirect to another product. And the second one can't even load, so it shows...
  12. Sweetrevenge

    Question about dummy campaign in Google Ads

    Hello everyone, I'd like to know a few things about dummy campaign in Google Adwords : - Does the dummy campaign need to be in the same domain name as the real campaign? - Is it safe to use the same domain name for each dummy campaign of each account? - Can I use my freelance website as a the...
  13. Sweetrevenge

    How Much Monthly Volume To Advertise ?

    Hello, I would really like to dive into PPC, but I remain confused about some aspect of this business. So for the ads expert around here, how much search volume per month do you consider interesting to invest around 500 $ /month ? I found an interesting niche, but its main keyword is only...
  14. Sweetrevenge

    Question Regarding Google Ads Threshold

    Hello, I want to know if I need to have the same amount of the threshold in my CC in order to use the balance offered by Google in Google Ads ? I want to know that because I have a threshold of 350 $ and I don't have this amount in my CC, but I would like to spend it on my ads anyway to test...
  15. Sweetrevenge Have you ever noticed it ?

    Hello, I'd like to ask if anyone beside me has ever noticed this website. I'm applying the method shared by @seocrab on Saturday and I noticed that most of the websites that I found meeting his criteria are redirecting to Is it a problem specific to my niche or is it something...
  16. Sweetrevenge

    Does Google Hate Services Page ?

    I'm wondering if Google hates pages about services, because it has already indexed the home page, and the terms and conditions with some non essentials pages, but forgot to index all my 4 services-pages. Has someone ever noticed a case similar to this ? What did you do to make your services...
  17. Sweetrevenge

    Earning My First $1000 From My Affiliate Website In 12 Months

    Hi all, :) I want to post my progress here to keep me accountable. I hesitated for too long to really dive deep into the affiliate world so I want to give it a chance now. ********************************************************************************************************************** If...
  18. Sweetrevenge

    Reusing my old content into my new website

    Hey all ! So, I had this website that I let expire last year. It was about freelancing services. It worked not that good, but brought me good money. I decided to build my agency based on my last experience and I let it expire to do that. Now, I feel that I did a good job when I searched for its...
  19. Sweetrevenge

    Are translated contents really considered as duplicate from Google

    Hi everyone ! I just wanted to know if a translated content is really considered as a duplicate content from Google. I use to translate from English to French and the result is so accurate. I've already check if there is already something similar published online, but the result...
  20. Sweetrevenge

    What would you do if you were in this situation ? IM projects

    Here is the thing: Ever since I wanted to build a website for a future passive income, my freelancing job is getting more and more time consuming. I have already built websites before, but none of them worked, because I was ignorant at that time. Then I stopped building them for more than a year...