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  1. CPANathan

    How many cans of red bull do you take?

    In Ireland they sell packs of 6 of knockoff Red Bulls, cheaper than water & used to go through about 8 of them a day. Suppose I've done worse but hey, I'll be happier making it to 30 than I will be making it to a million :cool:
  2. CPANathan

    MetaMask support,

    I'm talking about moving everything bro, trying to cash out cost effectively and reinvest without losing too much Other token is ~$2k
  3. CPANathan

    MetaMask support,

    What's my best way to move this? Tried moving USDT in to swap to ETH but damn gas ate all my cash... Math won't work in my head I think it's like spend $250 to get my cash back, already down $130, heads been fried all week ;(
  4. CPANathan

    In a rush for ~5-8 descriptive/informative articles,

    500-750 relative words on the topics where I can swoop in and add some CTAs and point out KPIs, Anyone that could handle this by Friday give me a shout, information already provided on the topics and similar articles provided. $10 per 600 words or that? DMs or post below!
  5. CPANathan

    Could Brave's new MetaMask like wallet improve BAT's price?

    Seems to be the way things are going with sites like
  6. CPANathan

    I just scammed a scammer!!!

    In my opinion scamming a scammer is only ok if you repay the person the scammer had scammed...
  7. CPANathan

    Have you found your gold?

    I love this post, start selling shovels... I found my gold is education with digital marketing. It's easy to say you know what you're doing, getting educated gives you the balls for the right movements.
  8. CPANathan

    Any good free project management courses about?

    Looking to study it as my second degree and would like to be a good bit more informed about the subject. Project management as in setting realistic goals, keeping everyone up to date & keeping on top of schedules.
  9. CPANathan

    Dogebonk is going to be the coint lads.

    Or make a section for shitcoins inside crypto, because there does actually be a lot of valid topics on crypto hidden between all the shilling...
  10. CPANathan

    JV - Get Paid $500 For Each Client You Send Our Way

    Is this available for multiple clients?
  11. CPANathan

    Could I get people to write content for my site for free?

    Disturbed my auditting to show you my water colors... MmmmMMmmm.... M'baileys... You've got it bro, that sounds beautiful. Apart from the arrogant prick part man, just over-play the power of backlinks for these influencers and that advertising... You'll be performing with everyone that's trying...
  12. CPANathan

    Could I get people to write content for my site for free?

    My naames Old Greeeeeeeeeeg.... I've got a mangiinaaaaa! Yeah faking it til you make it is only going to work if you put the study in... Your idea with playing with the minds of attention hungry influencers was decent, act like you're Big Man and that may work.
  13. CPANathan

    Speed Boost Your Website ⭐Complete On-Page SEO ⭐Speed Optimization ⭐Get Higher Rankings ⭐

    So far so good a week and a half into Prey's service(s), always my go to guy for things I haven't got time for myself! Never fails to impress.
  14. CPANathan

    Develop casino like

    What experience have you got developing websites?
  15. CPANathan

    Best Programming language

    Go to ROBLOX to practice your Lua bro :)
  16. CPANathan

    Sunglasses To Make Your Internet Experience Softer?

    and do you guys suggest folks not in need of prescription specs to start using these? I'm guessing the point on them is to get this stabbing pain out from between my eyes and my brain...
  17. CPANathan

    Bought a random NFT game token and made my Investment x 20

    Look into Illuvium if you're interested in crypto gaming. :)