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  1. IncognitoSince2002

    Strange Shopify Settings that Kills Conversations

    I have a bit of a strange query - Is it possible to change the sensitivity of the ATC button? Or any other work around the problem I'm currently facing. The problem is my ATC button on mobile is super sensitive, so when customers scroll, the majority are accidentally adding an item to...
  2. IncognitoSince2002

    Does 90% of Uniqueness of Article work for Adsense

    I'm trying to get approval for Adsense after I reach 20 Posts . I have taken some some references from some sites . Some content is matching FB groups. Let me know your inputs.
  3. IncognitoSince2002

    Need 20k YouTube subscribers

    Mention best price for bulk order and mention demographics of subs
  4. IncognitoSince2002

    Ed- Tech startup...

    So I'm working with a Ed Tech startup we are Dealing with Blockchain Technology ( courses & placements ) mainly We have placed our courses for free during this pandemic. We are looking to increase our use base so should go down the road for digital products affiliates or stick to content...
  5. IncognitoSince2002

    Just turned 18 :) Need Suggestions

    Hello:) So I have been active on bhw since a year just got time to test some Methods because of Exams around I feel I get too excited after seeing a method but can't work effectively and lack efficiency due to Procrastination. I would love to hear about your suggestions and mistakes I...
  6. IncognitoSince2002

    Is Jarvee - The best LinkedIn Automation tool?

    I am looking forward to LinkedIn Automation tools for some clients who want the best of LinkedIn Marketing
  7. IncognitoSince2002

    Better options than Avada?

    I have been using Avada recently but I get around 4-5 seconds of speeds even after using speed optimization plugins. I'm not familiar with any programming . Any pagebuilders and themes you would suggest , I'm looking at elementor with Astra these days and I'm not very pleased with their...
  8. IncognitoSince2002

    Best page builder if I you have no experience with coding

    Currently I'm looking for a Page builder which is fast to use and create small websites under 2 hours with pre-made templates. Only things I require are decent loading times and pre-made templates . I am not familiar with any coding. Thanks!
  9. IncognitoSince2002

    Which Affiliate pays the best?

    My first bet is promoting bluehost hosting for my clients . I don't care about hosting cause I'm making them website for free anyways but I need a reliable affiliate hosting program
  10. IncognitoSince2002

    This [Method] made me my first 100$

    I'm a 17 year student and this was my first venture. Step 1) Reach out to local businesses who do not have a website + Gmb(not verified) Step 2) Sell them pre made websites using elementor or divi (3 hours max ) use a light theme Step 3) After they have a running website pitch them to verify...
  11. IncognitoSince2002

    How to get back to study for Finals

    These are my final exams in high school. I know that I only have a month left but when I try to study I don't have laser focus and after 10 mins I waste 1 hours just to procrastinate. Ps- This is the most important exam in my life as of now as it's a gateway to all universities
  12. IncognitoSince2002

    Need verified Gmb listings in UK

    If my business does not have a physical address what will be address in listing since I want to cover Leicester? Kindly pm best prices
  13. IncognitoSince2002

    How do I monetize my GMB expertise?

    I have been working with Google my business from past six months and can optimise listing in the top 3 pack and also list them in categories different to their business. 1) I reside in a area where very few business have website so I'll hook them up new website and Gmb and charge monthly 2)...
  14. IncognitoSince2002

    Using nulled themes and plugins from here trustable?

    I'll be using plugins and themes shared by festinger for my clients website as I'm on a shoestring budget initially to build my portfolio. But these websites will be long term projects so should I have a concern
  15. IncognitoSince2002

    Do you charge monthly maintenance from clients for their websites

    Do you make a proper contract that they have to pay monthly fees throughout the year or just pitch them website generation
  16. IncognitoSince2002

    Will this (Method) work

    I'm a 17 year trying to gather some cash for university Step 1) Reach out to local businesses who do not have a website + Gmb(not verified) Step 2) Sell them pre made websites using elementor or divi (3 hours max ) use a light theme Step 3) After they have a running website pitch them to...
  17. IncognitoSince2002

    Does learning Copywriting make a good career?

    I'm aware of this skill and also know that it will be widely used after 50 years . But, how is it in prospect of doing freelance with it
  18. IncognitoSince2002

    [Want] Google AdWords expert based in New Delhi

    Expert should be based in New Delhi or Ncr
  19. IncognitoSince2002

    How to not waste 2020?

    I have been a long time lurker here and honestly speaking there amazing threads here and my brain gets 100 ideas a Day In 2019 I wasted around $400 of my parents money on crypto (was 16 back) being a jerk and procrastinated all year Now I'm thinking of working as a VA to have some cash besides...
  20. IncognitoSince2002

    How are your Fiverr Affiliate earnings!?

    Is anyone earning a stable income through Fiverr Affiliate . I think most of my users are only one time buyers therefore Fiverr will get to know in long term