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  1. jh0ny90

    JV: Looking for one person with a C P A L E A D or WF accounts

    I am looking for one person who has a ******* account or WF account laying around doing nothing. I will work for you and then we can split profit ( we can discuss that over PM ) I will explain everything over pm. Basically i will do all the work you will just need to sit back and relax and see...
  2. jh0ny90

    Is there something like this available?

    Is there a script that force the users to tweet ( something ) before continuing. Something like a Facebook force like script?? If so where can i find it been looking around but the closest thing i get is paywithatweet with forces the user to tweet before downloading.
  3. jh0ny90

    Reverse Phone Lookup

    Is there any free service that will get you the name of the person that is calling you by just typing in the phone number? If so please share it with me i need it urgently. Thanks
  4. jh0ny90

    [WTB] Facebook Accounts

    I need a few Facebook PVA ready to make apps. If you have some and wish to sell please PM me Thanks
  5. jh0ny90

    Need A Facebook Developer

    I am looking for someone who can decode and edit a facebook application for me. If you think you can do it then send me a pm. Thank you
  6. jh0ny90

    Big Facebook Pages But not making any money?

    Hello If you have big pages but are not making money with them shot me in a PM maybe we can make something out and get some $$$ out of it. Please PM me if interested i may have some ideas :)
  7. jh0ny90

    Facebook Share Button

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to promote my fan page threw my website and i've been looking around for the facebook share button code so when the users click the share my fan page gets shared on their facebook pages. Can anybody help me with the code please? It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. jh0ny90

    Are you still using BHCB??

    So I was wondering do any of you guys still using BHCB? I want to start using it with adscend media but I wanted to know if you guys still having success with it? Posted via Mobile Device
  9. jh0ny90

    How much would you pay..

    Hello I was wondering how much would you pay for facebook accounts. Change ip address with a ip changer clear history, cookies, etc... Between each account creation. Each account includes 1 picture non nude picture. 1000 friends account 2000 friends account 3000 friends account 4000...
  10. jh0ny90

    Another FBML Thread

    Can anybody please tell me how to get the second step of this page working edit* took the link down for obvious reasonsThe code that allows fans to invite 8 friends to the page. I know most of the users do not want to give info on it but any help will be greatly apprecitated
  11. jh0ny90

    How to INstall Zend Optimizer

    Does any one know how to install Zend Optimizer on a VPS? any guides around that i can use? Any help will be really appreciated
  12. jh0ny90

    RS accounts supplier

    Is there any Rapidshare account supplier here that also does MU, HF, NL, MV if any of you please pm me your price per account. Thanks
  13. jh0ny90

    Good and Affordable Offshore Hosting..

    Can anybody recommend a good offshore hosting that accepts warez and rs premium link generator? One that has unlimited bandwidth Thanks in advance
  14. jh0ny90

    PHP Programmer

    Does anyone here can redesign the layout of this script hxxp:// and make it look more professional so people will actually want to use the site? PM Me your offer on how much you will do this for Thanks
  15. jh0ny90

    Help Needed....

    i am trying to buy answe*rey*pr*o but before i buy it i want to hear some reviews from you guys. Does it really work? will you be able to make the $$$ back? is it buggy? any flaws? Please does that have used it help me out
  16. jh0ny90

    How Hard can this be?....

    How can i outrank a site with about 359,000 results in google? What is the fastest way? If possible Should be possible come on everything is possible :) any ideas?
  17. jh0ny90

    [Needed]YouTube Accounts

    i need 50 youtube accounts asap pm me your price. paypal only please. Thank you
  18. jh0ny90

    [HELP]if you know russian look inside!

    i need help translating this text file to english hopefully somebody can help me up :)
  19. jh0ny90

    Adsense bank account???

    Have you guys tried the adsense bank account sh*t to get your money on you bank account? Or ya still get it by mail---> check? Which one is better? Posted via Mobile Device
  20. jh0ny90

    Blackhatcodebreaker on Wordpress

    Hello i have been trying to make blackhatcodebreaker work on wordpress but i haven't had any luck yet. Is there any of you that knows how to make it work that can give me some instructions? i will really appreciate it. Thanks