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  1. PandaBusters

    How do I spin images and put them on FB replies?

    Hi, I want to create a meme, taller than wide to fit on Facebook, then spin the color slightly so they cannot be blocked, post them on multiple entries and exits of new Facebook accounts with a robot on the reply section of any account, group, page, etc., that does not require inout for...
  2. PandaBusters

    I need a Facebook reply-to-comment meme bulk-poster

    I tried to use Scrapebox, GSA, and Money Robot for this service, no luck because of bad customer service. I will create tall, thin memes perfect for moblie/pc view in replies (Google doesn't give you back link credit for Facebook replies, which is good, as it is non-competitive with URL as...
  3. PandaBusters

    I want to create and randomize images (memes)

    Hello, I want to create images where I can easily bulk modify them into many images that are about the same, only a different color (subtle changes in red, green, blue) or if someone tries to block them based on md5 or checksum filters. I am willing to use Photoshop, Fireworks to create the...
  4. PandaBusters

    [GUIDE] Eccomerce, Small Ad Budget - $10 to $1,000 in 48 Hours

    Thanks for the free advice. I will share any success evidence as I learn from you. This one guy charges $1,000 just for a course you offer for free. A bigger drop-sipping pool, we can get the cost per unit real cheap.
  5. PandaBusters

    Backlink checker

    I have been using Money Robot for two weeks, with 2Captcha, the private proxies they provide, slowing down robot to register about 300 URL's every day, mostly Web 2.0, Social Media likes/shares, other blogs, social media profiles, etc. But when I look up my URL, by itself and in quotes, I never...
  6. PandaBusters

    Bulk PM to all members on a website with member registration: possible?

    Hi Snow White, I had similar issues with the various discussion boards where moderators usually can't interfere with mass private messaging. If the PM comes from a board that is HTML (like PHP BB) you could try GSA form submitter, for $99. It allows you to redefine the names of the fields and...
  7. PandaBusters

    Complete Guide to Simple SEO Sites - Easy Way to Start with SEO

    Share the wealth! Well done! I use Money Robot, trying to balance targeted non-competitive keywords and posts/likes/shares with multi-tier backlinking, and encourage webmaster to do the same, as black hat robots cannot be defeated as they are high volume and becoming more white hat, with proper...
  8. PandaBusters

    Tiered Link Building? Is it any good now?

    Yes, Googlebot's Eigenvector calculations give many-tiered pyramids a much higher score. The low-authority URL's, that are much less competitive, mean fewer webmasters removing those backlinks, the ultimate death-nail to black hat. Use Web 2.0 and PBN sites, with editorials, not sales' pitches...
  9. PandaBusters

    Scrape Sitemap Posts

    Unless the URL number is about the same, as you go from "site map to site map", say, in Bing, it's hard to do. If you make the whole site map page one tex files, extract them from Bing or some unusual directory for site maps (most directories are called maps anyway, like "weedmaps"), place it in...
  10. PandaBusters

    please I need a good method for promote my offers CPA

    Do you have scraping software (eg. and can afford recaptcha breakers and private proxy servers? There is a wealth of information here and on Youtube for those who do that. CPA cannot compete against big money. Try multi-tier CPA at
  11. PandaBusters

    please I need a good method for promote my offers CPA

    Teamwork with many CPA people sharing their CPA's, based on something trending at, and making it on top of authority URL's with black hat is the answer, seed keywords, some related topics and queries with spins in the anchor text up to 99 tiers below you with the offer of...
  12. PandaBusters

    Cannot capture URL's by descending 20 levels

    Hi Matt, There are two bugs in the software. I just upgraded to, which did get rid of the failure of not extracting e-mail addresses, but none of the URL transfer to comment poster features works, but it did before upgrade. I may have to uninstall and reinstall.
  13. PandaBusters

    Cannot capture URL's by descending 20 levels

    Ok, thanks, the trick i to start with the root URL as a keyword, then harvest more URL's. The other problem is, I cannot transfer the URL's to the comment poster.See the screenshot:
  14. PandaBusters

    Cannot capture URL's by descending 20 levels

    Hi, I have scrape box, and I am trying to scrape all the URL's by crawling 20 levels with the "Grab URL's by crawling" feature, down 20 levels. The problem is, it only grabs that which has the same root domain, not the other links or URL's. Is this a basic limitation in the software, or do I...
  15. PandaBusters

    I need multi-tier pyramid, for my ten sites, include yours

    Hello, I have multi-tier affiliate ad tracking software for my blogs on 10 websites. If you have one or more websites of your own, I can pay you to have you place anchor text on my 10 sites with affiliate URLs as blog comments, substituted with a slight spin on actual anchor text. No captcha...
  16. PandaBusters

    BHW - want to hang out in London this June?

    For those of us not in the UK, will there be an opportunity to do a live teleconference?
  17. PandaBusters

    GSA Website Contact - Automatically Send Your Product/Service to 1,000's of Contact Forms (Discount)

    It has everything a form poster could ask for, randomization of headers, CVS imports after WebHarvy scraping, and macros is brilliant. It will lead to more independent AI where humans and robots become indistinguishable. Be advised there is a form mail war going on for about the last 3 months...
  18. PandaBusters

    I need Scrapebox Guru to Post Form Mail Ads

    Hello, I have Scrapebox, but always get a very poor (almost zero) conversion rate for posting forms to form mail apps. I used wild cards for all 11 types of WordPress contact plugins (footprints), Trusted Private proxies, no spins needed, just name or first name with last name, subject, message...
  19. PandaBusters

    How do I upload 1,000 files from folder to directory

    I designed my own scraper with a PHP recursive http_get to access 60,000 records from a non-profit search engine database in 2004 (the same year, I built a merger just like in Scrapebox for Google AdWords, Google got rid of spreadsheets the next day). Google claims to index 500 pages every 3...
  20. PandaBusters

    How do I upload 1,000 files from folder to directory

    Thanks, Loopline. The caviat is that even though you are uploading CSV files converted to text for bbPHP through ScrapeBox, which is still superior to GSA and Xumer, bbPHP will get wiped out by robots. The solution is, a guy named Stephen...