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  1. Oreos Are Bae

    How to boost shorts with smm panel

    I was wondering what traffic source I could use to boost youtube shorts to give it a good ranking I already know that some views like HR wont help me so can someone please help me with this so I can rank my shorts
  2. Oreos Are Bae

    Need a developer to build a gui

    Hello, I need a program to build a program that pull IPs and separate them $50-60
  3. Oreos Are Bae

    Gaming Youtubers Ranking

    how big is your channel
  4. Oreos Are Bae

    my thoughts on the algorithm #2 | Let's debate

    I don't know about that.
  5. Oreos Are Bae

    my thoughts on the algorithm #2 | Let's debate

    its basic what you need for the bot but to make the bot is expensive but worth it
  6. Oreos Are Bae

    my thoughts on the algorithm #2 | Let's debate

    I dont want to say his name but there is a youtuber that gaming news and he has bot that hes selling for 13k but it does exactly that it takes accounts give them watch history then engage with your videos
  7. Oreos Are Bae

    my thoughts on the algorithm #2 | Let's debate

    I cant really say I agree with you saying that its all organic I know 10 youtubers that have bragged to me on discord saying they have a bot for ranking their videos not saying its not possible but its a lot harder for those of us in big competitive niches like gaming
  8. Oreos Are Bae

    Do real viewers from developing countries decrease your chances in getting reccomended/suggested?

    I feel like if its from India and the channel is us based then yes you will be in the india recommended
  9. Oreos Are Bae

    Free Spotify Playlist/Music streams / Followes - All Premium

    I would love to get on this how does it work
  10. Oreos Are Bae Mobile LTE 4G Proxies, Premium Proxies, Budget Proxies, Auto SETUP + API. BHW %

    I would like to know how much it would be to make for 1000 proxies and is there away I don't have to use Paypal
  11. Oreos Are Bae

    Fiverr hit me with their bs

    where are you from and how much did you make I am a Fiverr seller that has made over 10k and they ask for tax and id so that's uncommon to me if they ask for id unless you provided it before on another account and didn't want to get banned or new that you were under age or something
  12. Oreos Are Bae

    Targeted Press Release Distribution & Writing

    I would like this for the entertainment side can you send me a list
  13. Oreos Are Bae

    Gaming Youtubers Ranking

    Hello, I started this to see if anyone else is in the gaming niche here I wanted to know if we could share ideas and help each other out with the ranking problem a lot of YouTubers here are facing
  14. Oreos Are Bae

    Where to find rich people?

    if you want to have rich friends build yourself first then you will see the type of people you attract belive me after buying an I8 people look at you different
  15. Oreos Are Bae

    How much have you made of freelance gigs?

    2months on fiverr and made 6k
  16. Oreos Are Bae

    Selling Spotify Promotion gig on Fiverr

    Most of them are using SMM panel especially if they arent from the US
  17. Oreos Are Bae

    Need A Good Spotify Bot

    I need a dev that is making a lot of money from Spotify also so they understand how to use this and how not to be banned on Spotify if you think you can build a fully functional bot that bot playlist, likes , and follows please dm Budget 10k-15k ( can change if needed)
  18. Oreos Are Bae

    Best SMM-Panel out there right now?

    I never said it didnt. It doesnt work for me because its overpriced and a takes long to get aprroved is all :) if you want to use it go on ahaead I am looking for an altertive here