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  1. Hussam Nsr

    Is it normal that I was sleeping 15 hours today?

    yesterday i did the same thing too
  2. Hussam Nsr

    About FB Verification

    hello, "sorry for my bad expressions, as i can't detect how i can ask about that" ok recently! anyone sure that it is really chance available to verify the new Fb pages?? and what about verification the personal account with the blue sign? how i can do the both??? thanx
  3. Hussam Nsr

    Premium SMS

    interested. and i hope u give me some deep info about it too
  4. Hussam Nsr

    Social Signals selling - have a question

    why u see it strangely?
  5. Hussam Nsr

    How to make money online?

    more info pls
  6. Hussam Nsr

    how i can verify my FB page with blue sign

    hello every one it's my fist post here in the great BHW i wanna to thank every one here - i asking about how i can get the Blue sticker for my public figure fan page?? - and how i can also verify my personal profile with the same sticker ? Best wishes.,,,,
  7. Hussam Nsr

    Facebook page ZERO reach

    i have the same although not Zero but same percentage