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  1. deadster

    Best ways to rank a white label adult camsite?

    Hi guys...I have a white label adult camsite. OF course, when it's a while label, we don't have control of its content and code. I would like your inputs on how you could rank this kind of website. What would be your backlink tactics? Thank you very much
  2. deadster

    Where to advertise a fake news site?ic

    Hi guys ...sorry if this is the wrong thread to post... What are the best sites to advertise fake news sites? (popup,popunder something like that) example of fake news sites: Can you recommend best sites to advertise sites like that? Thank you!
  3. deadster

    Alternatives to Dollarade?

    hi guys do you know any CPA programs similar to Dollarade that has a content lock function that closes the video (not entire page) with surveys? Dollarade sucks lately
  4. deadster

    BHW mentioned on 10 of the most disturbing communities on the web

  5. deadster

    Justhost no longer supports Paypal payments/subscriptions

    I received an email from paypal that Justhost cancelled my of course I panic'd and I went immediately to Justhost chat support. The representative gave me a canned answer that as their servers are currently on the move,they have also decided not to support paypal payments...
  6. deadster

    Looking for a mailer tool that...

    ...can send emails one at a time for like after 5 minutes or so. is there anything like that? Craigslist doesn't like it when you send alot of emails at a time...i get a message "we've received too many emails from you at a short span. sorry but no messages will be relayed for 24 hours"
  7. deadster

    Capabilities of JWPlayer?

    guys could you please enlighten me with regards to JWplayer? what does it do? can it embed videos from video-sharing sites..removing the sharing/downloading features?
  8. deadster

    Best Sites to Upload Movies?

    most of the sites I see are either limited with size or a very hard to embed on your site and are cluttered with ads and some shit that could affect the bounce rate. i'm looking for something that is not like what I mentioned to share? thanks
  9. deadster

    (FUNNY) 50 SEOs, 1 Question

  10. deadster

    Scrapebox or UWCS - which one?

    alright guys I feel like buying any of these mofos...but which one is better? scrapebox or UCWS(ultimate wordpress spammer)?
  11. deadster

    Advertising on Black Label it good?

    I'm planning to advertise my adult site via PPC...I was wondering if any of you had good experiences with Black Label Ads. if not, please share some good ones. thank you
  12. deadster

    Best alternatives to youtube?

    know any best alternative to youtube? I used to make $50/day off youtube is being a bitch to me lately
  13. deadster

    Anyone have a complete list of fourchan's banned URLs?

    if you have the complete list or know any, please don't hesitate to share...thank you very much
  14. deadster

    WTB 100 accounts for

    I need 100 accounts for PM me your best offers
  15. deadster

    Anyone care to tell me how I could get a hold of PerfectTracking?

    I started using them in the beginning of December (last month). Up to now I still don't get to recieve any payment. Even my paypal ID that I submitted to them is still in "pending approval" state. I emailed them countless times and even added them on various instant messengers. What gives???
  16. deadster

    Bad guys wear black hats

    heya fellas...thought I'd share this to you I am currently watching 8th episode of HEROES (season 4) I'm in the scene where Hiro is talking to this kid in cowboy costume then this kid gave his white cowboy hat to Hiro and said "good guys wear white hats and bad guys wear black hats" haha...
  17. deadster

    PPV companies that accepts adult content?

    aside from zango, are there any other ppv companies accepting adult content?
  18. deadster

    Bum Marketing with Social Bookmark sites = Possible?

    Since my landing page is of adult in nature, linkwheel services don't accept it. So i'm thinking what if I do a daily submission to bookmarking sites using BMD (using diff. accounts and IPs of course) you think it's gonna work?
  19. deadster

    Watermark vids in bulk--HOW?

    guys what program do you use to watermark vids by bulk? I am trying Watermark Master but I just can't seem to make it work!
  20. deadster

    Intrigued by 80%-20% JV threads!

    Those threads about CPA JV 80-20 keep popping up here lately and it kinda drives me nuts. All of them say the same thing---earnings get around $1000-1500 per account. Now somebody please spill the beans about what they exactly do to drive those kind of exact amounts on each account. We might be...