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    Chaturbate.. Getting people to sign up.. How?

    hit up wayback machine. look up :)
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    Is CTR a Ranking Factor? Personal Case Study

    ROFL ~ dont forget to tell them to write good content. ^^
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    Which tool is best for Content writing ?

    Grammarly for sure. Worth the money for the paid ver. Even as a native English speaker. My spelling, and grammar is notorious.
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    What are some easy methods

    *edit* pointless thread
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    I have a crazy idea

    Organic Paid post Vs FB Boost Formula: Imp Gain % = (50/450)*100 x total fans - 100/9 % + (>'-')> <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ <('-'<) (>'-')> = profit idk dude. Test test test Never assume.
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    What kind of spamming is best?

    Ambitious spam plans tend to lead to the Google blues. So build a couple of clean websites, the long term game is worth it.
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    Constantly infected with malware

    I would reformat and install windows if you can. How long have you been running windows on that hd? Might be time to clean up stuff anyways. Just backup what you want. Malware tends to come from Torrents & Porn sites We dont know what things you are doing ;) Giggity. 360 security is what i...
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    My Adult Media Buying Journey to $50k/day

    Crush it :D
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    Bing Ads + CPA

    "Video Sales Lander" Offers work well with Bings traffic. CPS offers. Any of the evergreen niches
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    what causes this sort of keyword movement?

    Have you looked at the link profile of the profile url?
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    Turn off your computer, and come back to the problem when you are not so worked up. my 2cents.
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    Need Help With Revcontent And Web Traffic

    can you run some adult cpa lead gen offers? Along with what you are doing with rev content.
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    How can I grow my blog & make money?

    Maybe do some research. Find other accounts with large followings in ur niche. Contact them ~ See if you can pay them to share your content.
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    Any good free proxy sites?

    When searching in google, try using these Proxy server footprints. It will find sources that update daily.
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    Million's doing site flipping?

    Search for Public blog network. DA is the domain authority. Read some follow along threads, they should help you understand what you need to do.
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    Google Image Search Help

    yes give it time. google hasnt recrawled the imgs with the updated info
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    How can I grow my blog & make money?

    Yah you would want at least 5-10k to do anything monetization wise with it. You might try blogging to create more awareness of it - and so you own a web propriety. Hard to do much with just IMGs alone.
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    I made my first few dollars with youtube! Thanks BHW :)

    nice work man! keep up the hustle.
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    Google Image Search Help ^ using yoast.
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    DO follow or No follow catagory Tags For How to Website??

    No index anything that isn't the original link to the article. Otherwise you will have duplicate copy of the same content indexed on google. Categories tags authors etc etc. there is a good post on here somewhere about ranking on just internal links. Might give that a read.