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  1. Elektra1

    old blog posts improvements

    I had 2 blogs in the past for tests, just for put in practice what I was learning. Now I'm planing a new website and still have beginner doubts. My doubt is if I rewrite a post entirely, improving their quality and increasing their length, do I risk losing Google rankings or is it improve it...
  2. Elektra1

    Anchor text tips for backlinks and internal linking

    Hello there! I'm a newbie and I'm a little concerned about anchor text spam and penalties. I'd like to know what is the best way to add anchors for internal links and external backlinks, should I use the exact keyword or synonyms or a mix of both? Thanks :)
  3. Elektra1

    Hello Everybody!

    It will be a pleasure to share and learn from you guys! :) Kind regards, Elektra