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  1. djd33p

    The Instagram Algorithm Explained by Instagram

    Found this posted on Instagram's official blog recently and I feel that it should make for a good read for users of this forum - Even if you think you knew it all, it still has some useful insights!
  2. djd33p

    Curious Questions About A Dead (Not Expired) Competitor Site

    One of my competitor sites which was ranking for a lot of good low competition keywords in my niche has been dead (hosting expired) for atleast the last 3 months but the domain is still valid and not expiring till October 2021. I have managed to copy most of their posts using Wayback Archives...
  3. djd33p

    Manual Follow/Unfollow Question

    Hey guys, seeing that manual being the only way going forward, I had a very specific query directed to those who've been growing IG accounts manually. I'm in a small target niche with a limited amount of people from my country. While automating, most of the bots could keep a track of all the...
  4. djd33p

    Question about tagging big Instgram accounts in post

    Hope everyones doing well. I have recently noticed that a lot of content curation accounts tag a whole list of top Instagram accounts (with the maximum number of following like Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Real Madrid, 9GAG, etc.) in their original posts. The number of tags usually range from...