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  1. 3tails

    Complete Green Horn!

    SEO is vital for PPC. SEO brings in the people to see your content. From there, if you chose the correct content and the correct ads (more SEO!) you will get clicks. Start with SEO and content writing if this is what you're looking to get into, not the other way around. On a side note, read all...
  2. 3tails

    Jimmy Wales/Wikipedia launching FB competitor

    You're probably thinking about Steem which is very tokens driven and mostly people posting to make money. Minds does have tokens, but only uses tokens to let you boost posts. It's basically like the Facebook boost only you can earn it by posting and being active. It's generally less money driven...
  3. 3tails

    Jimmy Wales/Wikipedia launching FB competitor

    There has been a growing niche market for "real news" social media that doesn't sell your data with places like Gab and Minds as examples. This is in it's infant stages, but should be interesting to watch or even participate in should one feel like becoming a big fish in a little pond.
  4. 3tails

    Follow Me As I Create An AI Trading Bot For Bitcoin / Crypto

    I'm glad someone else understands this. The market isn't random noise: it's people and bots made to mimic people. There are theories and patterns. There are ways to predict markets, though not perfectly. I'm not super scientific about this so I probably fall in the "anecdotal" camp, but none...
  5. 3tails - What's your experience?

    Nexo isn't a place to do wild speculation on cryptocurrency prices. It's a bank that uses cryptocurrency for loans and savings accounts. I find this slow and steady approach interesting. It seems like a potential evolution for cryptocurrency beyond just speculation. You are aware that the US...
  6. 3tails

    Cryptocurrency market on free FALL

    Tl;DR: Most crypto is overvalued and the changes we are seeing are normal and expected in current conditions. Relax and enjoy the ride. Why do I say this? Every year people sell in the fall and winter and buy in the spring and summer. This is because they are liquidating assets for tax...
  7. 3tails

    master node?

    Nodes are good if you plan to Hodl a large volume of a coin. This gives you some dividends on your hold and you can sell at any point. Sharenodes are available on some exchanges if you feel a full node is too much. Same principal goes for staking coins. If you want higher returns then you...
  8. 3tails

    Ever purchased anything with Bitcoin?

    I have paid my web hosting in cryotocurrency before. Not usually Bitcoin itself (transaction fees are murder) but other coins like ETH, BitB, and BCH. Ones with less insane sending fees because paying in Bitcoin is like paying in gold coins: impractical in the modern era unless you're filthy...
  9. 3tails

    How to avoid BTC sending fees?

    BTC has a transaction fee. It's a feature baked into the currency itself. Here is a page all about the transaction fee. Yes, it currently is around $5 to send bitcoin and it can't be avoided except in special circumstances. Many places will mention this when sending coins, though some will offer...
  10. 3tails - What's your experience?

    In a nutshell, is a high yield savings account that allows the deposit of cryptocurrency and euros. The site also allows for heavily collateralized loans. The currency put into your account is used to help fund the loans mentioned beforehand. Many banks do this anyway, so I'm not...
  11. 3tails

    AirDrop without tokens sent to your wallet??? would that even work? Wouldn't it NOT be an air drop if no tokens are sent to any wallets?
  12. 3tails

    are SMM project still profitable?!

    Check the Member Downloads section. Read a few pages back as there's lots of stuff there and it's not all on page 1. Also use the search to find advice on SEO, how to market, and implementation on basically anything. On page 3: Festinger's SMM panel
  13. 3tails

    What would you do if you had 200 online people who would do anything you ask?

    That's exactly what it is. This is risky as you can get banned in some games for selling gold/items, so check the TOS before selling gold/items. Also you are going to be competing with Chinese farmers and bots who likely can do it for less so the market is extremely fierce. Anyway, what would I...
  14. 3tails

    are SMM project still profitable?!

    You can literally make your own SMM panel with free stuff from this forum. If anyone can do it, the market is saturated. Guaranteed. Unless you can offer something to set yourself apart from the pack, now is not the time to make your own SMM panel.
  15. 3tails

    can someone recommend a good microphone for podcasts?

    Seconding the Yeti train. It's not pro quality, but it's common, inexpensive, and good enough for a podcast. Check local pawn shops and thrift stores. Bring a lap top with you. Test any Yetis you find there and you can find a bargain. If your room isn't super quiet (ex: you live in a city) you...
  16. 3tails

    content is king?

    People visit a site for one of several reasons. If your content doesn't fulfill the reasons, you will not get anywhere. Therefore, content is King. The reasons: Answer a question, fulfill a need. Do one or the other and do it well to get anywhere. Don't be shy to alter your content if...
  17. 3tails

    Name your Top 3 Productivity Killers

    Analysis paralysis Real world nonsense (A website which shall remain unnamed!) Edit: Funny censorship is funny.
  18. 3tails

    New channel trying to get subscribers

    Really, just pick up a Game Informer from Gamestop and look at it. They tend to mention games with serious hype train behind them. Other good places to find retro type games upcoming include Kickstarter (look for games that completed funding, ideally ones slated to come out soon) and Youtube...
  19. 3tails

    Localbitcoins is going down the shit hole

    Paxful is going down, too. You need to be ID verified to make buy bitcoin listings, even if buying with Amazon Giftcards.
  20. 3tails

    Do you think I should drop out of school?

    Yes, but with a caveat: teach yourself to program and make at least two actual programs more complex than Hello World. These can NOT be games! They must be applications, ideally web or mobile applications. Also get your three year degree paper for those sticklers who seem to think that a degree...