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  1. Lalalaenhund

    Looking to hire someone who can grow legit IG accounts without botting

    I need someone who is experienced in Instagram who can grow accounts "organically" without botting or sending me fake followers (lol). We'd start with one fresh account targeting 50-100k+ in a few months time. Not setting a deadline considering all the variables in play. The niche is...
  2. Lalalaenhund

    DMOZ description showing instead of my own meta desc

    When I launched this particular website about 1,5 years ago, I submitted it to DMOZ without thinking too much about it. To my delight, I noticed it had recently been approved. I might not even have noticed, if not for the fact that Google has now started displaying the vastly outdated DMOZ...
  3. Lalalaenhund

    Multilingual site - subdomains or subdirectories?

    So I'm creating my first "multilingual" website e.g. I'll have the same (or slightly modified) article translated to 15+ languages, then hosting it on the same domain. Normally I'd just create new sites for each language, but this niche has such low competition/search volume it isn't really...
  4. Lalalaenhund

    Anyone Swedish here? Quick question.

    edit: nevermind, finally figured it out
  5. Lalalaenhund

    Wordpress now blocks search engines as default setting...

    Wordpress now blocks search engines as default setting, at least for me. So if you're creating a new site, remember to check the "Privacy Settings" page and check the box to allow the site to be visible to search engines. Just a heads up, as I just spent a couple of days wondering why my new...
  6. Lalalaenhund

    ä,ö,å in domain names?

  7. Lalalaenhund

    I'm 17, should I be worried about getting banned from Adsense?

    So, a while ago I noticed that it says in the TOS that you need to be 18 to participate in adsense. Should I be worried about getting banned? I know I could but how likely is it? How to minimize the possibility? Anyone know anyone underage who has gotten their money out? This kinda bothers me...